About Us

Established in January 1994, the 1982-1993 Mustang GT Registry is dedicated to the comprehensive documentation and preservation of these iconic vehicles. As pioneers in online registry platforms since March 1996, we are recognized as the authoritative source for information on third-generation Mustang GTs.

Mission and Vision

Driven by our passion for Mustang GTs and Ford Mustangs, we believe these cars are poised to become coveted collector’s items. Our mission is to build a robust computer database comprising production details, individual car specifications, and production variations. This repository will serve as a valuable resource for future restorations and reference as these cars ascend to collector status.

Data Collection and Analysis

Our primary focus is on gathering crucial data, including VINs, door tag and buck tag information, window stickers, build sheets, and vehicle histories. The information we compile will facilitate future restoration efforts and enable us to analyze production trends and variances.

Literature Collection and Community Building

In addition to data collection, we aim to curate an extensive collection of factory literature and documentation related to 1982-1993 Mustang GTs. We also foster a community where GT owners can connect, share knowledge, and access specific year-by-year information.

One-Stop Destination

Our ultimate goal is to serve as a comprehensive resource center for all things related to 1982-1993 Mustang GTs. We encourage owners to register their vehicles in our database and invite enthusiasts to contribute documentation and information to enrich our repository.

About The Cars: The Evolution of 1982-1993 Mustang GTs

From its inception in 1982 to its culmination as a street performance icon in 1993, the third-generation Ford Mustang GT has earned acclaim as one of the most versatile and beloved Mustangs in history. With over 450,000 units produced over twelve years, these cars heralded a new era in performance after a decade of lackluster pony cars.

Versatility and Popularity

The 1982-1993 Mustang GT enjoys a dedicated following of enthusiasts, young and old alike. Renowned for its prowess in drag racing, open tracking, auto-crossing, and showmanship at car events, these cars remain a joy to drive. The aftermarket support is extensive, offering countless performance upgrades and restoration parts, catering to both enthusiasts and collectors.

Restoration and Collector Appeal

As interest grows in restoring Mustang GTs to their original factory condition, pristine examples are becoming increasingly scarce and highly sought after by collectors. The third-generation Mustang GT is poised to join its classic predecessors as one of the most revered cars in American automotive history.