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1979-1993 Mustang Plastic Model Kits
Here's a list with photos of all the model kits we know of from 1979-1993 for those of you who would like to find a model to match your car.  If we've missed some models or you have corrections or additional info or photos, please let us know.  Click on the pictures to see a bigger photo.  We do not own most of these models and do not have any for sale, so please don't ask.  Thanks! :-)
If you're interested in obtaining any of the models listed below, they can frequently be found for sale on Do a search here: (hint: try searching on mustang model)
1982-1993 GT
MPC #1-0837 1/25 - Mustang GT - Kit is dated 1983, but it appears to be a 1982 GT.  Box states "A Golden Opportunity Kit - New Look of Detroit '83 - molded in Blue". (discontinued)  mpc10837.jpg 
MPC #1-0877? 1/25 - Mustang GT - Kit is dated 1983. It appears to be a 1982 / 1983 cross. (discontinued)  mpc83.jpg 
MPC #1-0768 1/25 - 1984 Mustang GT350 20th Anniversary Edition - Kit is dated 1984. The box has the white with red G.T.350 stripes Mustang on the cover. (discontinued)  mpc1076.jpg  Mpc10768.jpg 
MPC #6397 1/25 - 1987 Mustang GT - Picture on box is charcoal gray over lighter gray Mustang (stock). 5.0 engine, turbine stock wheels, directional custom chrome rims, can be built stock or custom. 2 in 1 kit dated 1986. (discontinued)  mpc6397.jpg   mpc63971.jpg 
Monogram #2771 1/24 - 1987 "The New Monkees" Mustang GT Convertible - From the short-lived "New Monkees" television series. The kit is dated 1987. This kit builds a stock 1987 Mustang GT convertible, features small block Ford 302, hood opens, GT wheels, detailed interior, engine and chassis. (discontinued)  m27711.jpg  m27712.jpg  m27713.jpg 
MPC #6211 1/25 - 1988 Mustang GT - Red 1988 Mustang GT on cover.  It is a 2 in 1 kit, and can be built either stock or custom. Molded in light blue plastic.  Features include stock fuel-injected 5.0 liter V-8 engine, optional dual quad carb set-up, optional wide street tires and custom wheels, detailed interior, and optional T-roof and custom seats. (discontinued)   mpc6211.jpg 
Monogram #2912? 1/24 - 1989 Mustang GT Convertible - This kit is from the high performance series and includes ignition wires and hoses. Can be built with top up or down. (discontinued)  m2912.jpg 
Monogram #2946? 1/24 - 1991 Mustang GT Convertible - This appears to be very similar to the two kits below, only with a different number. (discontinued)  m2946.jpg 
Monogram #2953? 1/24 - 1992 Mustang GT Convertible - This appears to be very similar to the kits above and below, only with a different number. (discontinued?)  m2953.jpg 
Revell-Monogram #2953 1/24-  Mustang GT Convertible - Here's what Revell- Monogram says about this kit:  This dreamboat is a modern version of the famous Ford “Pony” cars. The model captures all the details and the sporty style of the real car. Kit includes removable 'ragtop,' optional boot and 5.0 liter V-8 engine with 5-speed transmission. Features: Chrome wheels and luggage rack. (Currently still available - Skill Level 2 w/Glue Kit, $11.00 MSRP)  2953.jpg 
1979-1993 non-GT
Revell #7200? 1/25 - '79 Mustang Turbo Cobra - Colorful Cobra decal for the hood.  Kit dated 1984. Molded in color.  (discontinued)  rev7200.jpg 

Monogram # 2260 1/24 - 1979 Mustang Cobra 1/24 - Issued in 1979. (discontinued)  m2260.jpg  2260must.jpg 
Revell #7315 1/25- 1982 Ford "McLaren Team" Mustang - 1981 annual kit.  Custom McLaren Mustang body, turbocharged engine, Firestone rubber tires, BBS wheels, Recaro seats. Molded in bright orange (discontinued)  rev7315.jpg  rev73151.jpg 
No picture available MPC #1-0712 - Snake Bite Mustang Cobra - Annual kit for 1981. Can be built stock or custom. V-8 or turbocharged 4, detailed interior with optional Recaro racing seats, front air dam, detailed chassis and hood dome. Molded in red.  Box is dated 1980. (discontinued)
MPC #1-0875 1/24 - 1979 Mustang Indy Pace car - 1979 model. Kit is part of special MPC "Golden Wheels" promotion and comes with Golden Wheels brochure.  Highly detailed kit can be made with a Turbo 4cyl or V8 engine. Picture of real car on box. Molded in Silver. (discontinued)  mpc10875.jpg 

Monogram #2250 1/24 - 1979 Mustang Pace Car - Molded in silver gray. Issued in 1979. (discontinued)  m2250p.jpg  m22501.jpg 
MPC #1-0725 1/25 - Mustang Turbo Cobra - The kit is dated 1978. This is a nicely detailed kit that can be built custom or stock. It features many optional parts including two complete engines, a turbo charged 4 cylinder and a high performance 5.0 V8. (discontinued)   mpc10725.jpg 
MPC #0816 -  'Wild Breed' Mustang Cobra - 1981 or 1982 kit molded in black. Can be assembled as a 302, or turbocharged 2.3 4cyl. (discontinued)  mpc0816.jpg  mpc08162.jpg 
Monogram #unknown 1/24 - Cafe Racer 1980 Mustang Cobra -  2.3 liter turbo. The date on the box is 1981. (discontinued)   cafe.jpg 
Monogram #2222? 1/24 - 1983/1984 Mustang Convertible -  This highly detailed plastic kit is molded in red with a white top & interior, with TRX wheels, rubber tires, opening hood and 5.0L  V8.   Issued in 1983. Can be put together with top up or down. (discontinued)  m2222.jpg  m22221.jpg  m22222.jpg 
Revell #unknown 1/25 - Mustang Convertible - Kit is from 1982.  It appears to be a "concept" kit based on the future 1983 Mustang convertible.  (discontinued)  rev82.jpg 
MPC #1-0771 1/24 - 1984 Ford Mustang SVO -  Issued in 1984. Molded in silver-grey. Can be built totally stock, or customize it to your taste. Highly detailed.  Box reads: "A Golden Opportunity Kit" - "New Ford High Tech Muscle Car". (discontinued)  mpc10771.jpg 
Monogram #2243? 1/24 - 1985 Ford Mustang SVO -  Molded in red. (discontinued)  m2243.jpg 
MPC #1-0779 1/24 - 1986 Mustang SVO - Dated 1985. This kit features detailed interior with optional T-tops, optional modular wheels, detailed Turbo 4 cylinder engine, twin wing rear spoiler, builds stock or street version. (discontinued)  mpc10779.jpg 
No picture available MPC #6310 1/24 - 1986 Mustang SVO - (discontinued)

Revell-Monogram #2530 1/24 - '93 Mustang Cobra - This kit has the detailed Cobra engine and unique rear deck spoiler and decals.  87 pieces and molded in white. Here's what Revell-Monogram says about the kit: In the final year of its 1978 design, the 1993 Mustang still captured the look 
and feel of the original car with its retro styling. Later that year Ford added a hotter version with the famous Cobra markings, heating up the sales wars between Ford and Chevy. Features: Cobra V-8 engine, highly detailed interior, vinyl tires. (Currently still available - Skill Level 2 w/Glue Kit, $11.00 MSRP)  rev2530.jpg  rm2530.jpg 
1979-1993 Mustang Racing Model Kits
Monogram # 2296 1/24 - Miller Mustang IMSA Racer - Kit is dated 1982. Here's what's written on the box, "The spirited Ford Mustang racer, powered by a 4-cylinder 1.7 litre turbocharged engine, reaches speeds in excess of 180 mph. This 1/24 scale model is 8 1/2" long (21.6 cm). Realistic detailing includes engine with speed accessories, enclosed aerodynamic chassis, Goodyear Eagle tires and interior with roll cage, instrument panels, bucket seat and fire extinguisher. Clear windows all around, plated parts and Miller decals are included. Details may be painted to match photos on box. Cement and paint not included." (discontinued)  m2296.jpg   m22961.jpg   m22962.jpg 
Revell-Monogram #2297? - Ford Motorsport Mustang #16 - (discontinued?)  rmx2297.jpg 
Monogram #2708 1/24 - Ford Mustang GTP IMSA Race Car - Kit features: aerodynamic body, turbocharged engine, rear-mounted airfoil, removable body, complete racing chassis, detailed engine. (discontinued)  m2708.jpg 
Revell #7153 1/25 -  "7/Eleven Mustang GTO" IMSA Racer - Kit is dated 1987. Mustang road racing car from the Camel GT series.(discontinued)  rev7153.jpg 

Monogram #2709 1/24 - 7-Eleven Mustang GTP - 1985 issue model. (discontinued)  m2709.jpg  imsa.jpg 
No picture available Revell #7196 1/25 - #4 JPS Mustang GT - (discontinued)
No picture available Revell #7197 1/25 - #1 Roush Racing Whistler Mustang GT - (discontinued)
No picture available Revell #6769 1/25  - Roush Racing Trans Am Mustang - (discontinued)
Revell #7155 1/25 - Motorcraft Mustang GTO -  Road racing car from the Camel GT Series.(discontinued)  rev7155.jpg 
Monogram #2710 1/24 - 7-11 Chief Auto Parts Mustang Funny Car - Issued in 1985. Driven by Billy Meyer. (discontinued)  mono2710.jpg 
Revell #7195 1/25 - Roush Racing Mustang #25 -  (discontinued?)  rev7195.jpg 
Revell #7154 1/25 - Folger's Mustang GTO - From the IMSA Road Racing Champions. 1987 kit. (discontinued)  rev7154.jpg 
Pro-Line #PL-2 "Roush Racing" Ford Mustang 1/43 resin kit. Only 250 produced.This is the GTS class winning car from the '93 24 Hours of Daytona. Great kit with lots of photo-etch. Includes two sheets of decals to build either of the team cars. (discontinued?)  prolinem.jpg 
If you're interested in obtaining any of the models listed above, they can frequently be found for sale on Do a search here: (hint: try searching on mustang model)

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