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Pony Xpress
06-06-2001, 04:20 PM
Hello everybody!

well, ill just get everything out. Im 17, and looking for my first car... been looking for awhile now. I have been driving, but just haven't had anything of my own..blah blah. anyway... I went to see a guy with an 88 GT for sale. its got 75k original miles, he is the third owner, but he just bough it to sell it, as he likes mustangs. he said it had about 25K in 97, when the man he bought it from first aquired it. apparantly the first guy was an elderly gentleman who only put 25k miles on it in all of 9 years! then it had about 50k put on from 97-01. anyway, its got a flip up sunroof, 5-speed of course, power everything, low-end aftermarket cd player, the inside is in GREAT condition, i would say. its light blue with a silver bottom. however, it does have white paint speckles on the front, and the upper part of the bacl bumper seems to have been scraped, and there are a series of minor paint chips along the length of it. no rust or anything and the rest of the paint is great. the doors all swing well, except for the driver-side handle has lost its spring, and the bottm of the seal is torn up. also for some reason it doesn't have the fog lights attached in the little holes in the front of the facia. the driver side seat won't slide forward, and the guy hadn't noticed but he said a spring must have gone bad or something like that. ...also i believe a spring must be broken in the little ashtray, as it slips open continually. It also has aftermarket rims (im sure..they're 5-star chrome) and newer tires, but everything else is stock. He has changed the plug wires and plugs, flushed it all out, changed oil, and all tha standard maintinence. he said the heater works great, but hasn't even tryed the a/c yet (might be broke). I have not driven it yet but he is asking $4,600 for it. and i don't kno if he is willing to negotiate or not.

well, basically im just wondering, what do some of you guys think??! sorry for the long post, but i could use the input greatly!

ps- this guy also has a dark red 90 LX, 66k 5-spd hatchback, but it has a 2.3L it is in very nice condition, from what ive seen, and doesn't seem to have anything wrong as far as paint, busted seat devices, what-have-you. hes asking around $2,250-500 i believe, but i didn't pay too much attention! and mom thinks that'd be a "more suitable car and better deal" even tho she had an underpowered 79 4-banger as her first car! lol ohhh well. If im really that interested i could always put a 5.0 in it later in life, but id rather have that GT!

Many thanks guys!!

06-06-2001, 06:32 PM
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