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GT Dave
05-13-2001, 03:55 PM
Many companies today are trying to go to the retro design to come up with something new. Dodge Hemi, Grand Prix G8, C6 Stingray Corvette, etc.

What if Ford were to remake the 3rd generation Fox 5.0 OHV 5.0, 4-wheel disk brakes, 1.5 inch lowered, new rims, ... at a reasonable price.

Wait, wait ... (sorry)

Now I remember, the 5.0 is emission illegal in today's world! 4.00 x 3.00 combustion chamber config is not possible today. Going 3.60 x 3.60 just wouldn't be the same.

Oh, hey ... whatever.

Would you still want the rebirth of the Fox 5.0?

05-13-2001, 06:49 PM
Who wouldn't?!?! The fox 5.0 has by far the best body style and engine(s). The only thing I would change is to the SN95 chasis.

05-13-2001, 07:43 PM
YEAH! But put in on the next gen Stang/Jaguar chassis and we'd really be in business!


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05-15-2001, 07:12 PM
The 2003 stang WILL BE built on the Jaguar platform, as opposed to the current fox platform which originated in 1978. 78-01 stangs share the "fox" platform, with minor changes. The 03 mustang will be longer, lower, wider; just like EVERY new mustang generation has been since 1969.

Glen Meades, Jr.
1989 Ford Mustang Cobra Conversion
Born on June 2, 1989

05-15-2001, 07:20 PM
On the other hand, I'd prefer to have SVT build me a 1993 SVT Cobra-based stang with my specifications. Keep the 4-wheel discs, but upgrade to 13"/11.65" rotors, enlarge the fenderwells to accomodate 18"x10.5" wheels lock-to-lock steering, lower the car, stiffen the springs, definately keep the 8.8" live solid rear axle, 302 of course with all the toys making over 400 HP at the flywheel N/A with the option of a blower, put a 96 Cobra-style hood on it, redesign the doors so that they open like the convertibles do (no window frame opening with the door), upgrade the seats to hold you in place, give it tilt steering and cruise, redesign the center console so that it doesn't weight 30 lbs., make the entire car weight just over 2500 lbs., and finally more the radio/CD area ****her up in the dash so you can insert a CD without having to move the shifter!

What do you guys think?

Glen Meades, Jr.
1989 Ford Mustang Cobra Conversion
Born on June 2, 1989

05-16-2001, 01:14 AM
Did u say the 5.0 will not pass an emissions test.

GT Dave
05-16-2001, 02:00 AM
Originally posted by bigbob:
Did u say the 5.0 will not pass an emissions test.

Oh, no. It will pass, if it is in good condition. The 5.0 simply doesn't have a place in today's strict-emmisions world. Ford could never make such a 5.0.

Which is why we got the 4.6 in the first place. Longer stroke gives it more burning time, hence cleaner emissions.

The 5.0 is a case of an "over-square" engine. It's assigned to any engine with its bore longer than its stroke. A rare sort of thing today.

The short stroke means quick revving ability, but poor emissions. However, stock 5.0 is not an effective setup. The stock induction is closer to a truck setup. It creates low-end torque. Torque starts high and drops off quickly. This is not a big deal, just change heads and intake. Torque at 300 and HP at 300 is what it should have been.

In short, I want the 5.0 back. A square engine wouldn't be bad, but it would have to be big enough, in my opinion.

05-28-2001, 02:38 PM
If you go to Motortrend.com. The future vehicle section says that the 2003 Cobra will be getting a new 5.0L powerplant with 350 HP.

05-28-2001, 10:52 PM
OK...make the 2003 GT the equivalent of the 2000 Cobra R, Then lets see what they do to the SVT and new Cobra R. I really don't care as long as I can pull beside an SS Camaro and walk away from him like I was racing a Chevette. Ford needs to step up to the plate and really crank some serious hp and torque figures to rejuvenate the stang and also make it within a reasonable "budget". Sometimes what Ford forgets is that us folks that are driving their Mustangs are also driving their P/U's, etc. Keep us happy or another manufacturer will. Its unbelieveable that these import manufacturers are producing "Sedans" with some HP and torque figures that would rival most factory Camaro or Stang out there. Ford can't keep relying on the name Mustang to automatically induce sales. I hope their listening. Go grass roots, power and affordability. If they build it we will buy it.Sorry but sometimes I just get p***** off.

GT Dave
06-01-2001, 12:33 AM
Here's more information on the future 5.0 I agree with a lot that's written here, except one thing. The new 5.0 will probably not be sold at the old 5.0 prices.