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05-03-2001, 04:49 AM
i was dropping a friend off less then a mile away from my house.. right away i seen a cop so i slowed down from about 45mph to 35.. he passed then i catch the stop light (like always) heh.. <green> i turned onto the last street (a small hill that gos up a little then down) .. right when i tip over the top of the small hill i see this car without the lights on sitting on a side street (obviously a cop car).. i love speed traps.. he whips the sirens on and races out then pulls me over and tells me i was going 54 in a 35..then starts looking my stang over asking if i've been having problems with my breaks.. so i replied with a 'yeah..' because i really have been .. anyway he wasn't to nice.. cool huh? not really `,=o[ it's my 2nd ticket.. my first one was in my moms car and it was about a week after i got my licensee .. her speedometer didn't and still doesn't work.... i no i was probably speeding a little bit (40-45) but i'm for sure i wasn't going 54mph because ...
going from a stop.. turning onto an up slanted hill (even if it was smaller) i get going about 40-45 i reach the top then start slowing down and i goto downshift into 2nd because my turn is right there.. what i wanna no is how was i going 54 in 2nd gear.. within that short distance i would of had to scratch the tires a few times.. i would have noticed if i was going 54 `,=o[

and now i learn that i could of asked to see the radar gun
to take it to court and fight it will cost me about $100 and the ticket is less then that $67

man i love cops

i don't no if the law is like this everywhere else but in Iowa if you have 3 moving violations within a year they remove your lisance.. how's it work everywhere else? i'm moving to Texas and i think there even more strict

after reading what i just wrote some of the story doesn't make since if you don't understand how this street is.. it's a long small hill first gos up and then gos down.. i would draw a picture of it.. but i'm not a good artist.. jk `,=o)

05-03-2001, 05:08 PM
Your Lucky. In Illinois The policy is 3 tickets in two years. Because of this law and my driving style I have invested in a good attorney.

05-06-2001, 12:39 PM
I've got a good speed trap story for ya:

In Portland, OR just a couple weeks ago there was a speed trap on a highway. A man decided to help his fellow motorist out and wrote a sign that said, "speed trap ahead."
He then stood on top of an overpass and hung his sign for all to see. Everyone slowed down, the cops didn't catch anyone, they came and arrested the man and threw him in the clink for "obstruction of justice." Funny seeing how this man's sign did exactly what police want us to do, slow down. Justice??

05-07-2001, 02:07 AM
hmmm, I like that analogy You would think flashing your lights (which usally means a cop is ahead) could be considered a way to slow people down...We all know it is illegal (at least in NY), same idea. Why is that illegal? I know whne I see headlights flash at me, I check my speedometer and slow down. I bet George Carlin could use this material...COBRA

05-15-2001, 05:18 PM
I got a good one for ya, My cuz took me to a place to check out a camaro he was looking at, as we were going home on a 3 lane road he got busted for speeding. I live in edmonton alberta and if you ever came here the speed limits would drive you nuts. when we looked at the tickect it said it was under the "highway traffic act" the speed limit on this road... 60 KPH!!! yes that's right 60 KPH not mph. He got busted for 77 KPH. So technicaly on a highway, with three lanes and a compleatly straight road the speed limit is 60, go figure.