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04-06-2001, 05:19 PM
Just thought in addition to my message thanking those people who have donated $$ to the registry, I'd also extend my thanks to those of you who have purchased items through our Amazon.com affiliate bookstore. We didn't forget about you, it's just that we don't get a listing of each person who has ordered and received books.

We have had a pretty good response since we opened the bookstore with 35 books purchased and shipped from early February until now. We earn from 5% - 15% on each purchase you make through our links - not a lot, but every little bit helps pay the bills related to the website/registry.

Thanks again!!

Kathy & David Bowers

David & Kathy Bowers
1982-1993 Mustang GT Registry
www.mustanggt.org (http://www.mustanggt.org)
1965 Mustang coupe (http://www.mustanggt.org/bowers/index.html) (stock)
1985 Mustang GT hatchback (http://www.mustanggt.org/bowers/index.html) (daily driver)
1991 Mustang GT hatchback (http://www.mustanggt.org/bowers/index.html) (open track/autocross)
1998 Expedition (family hauler & tow vehicle)

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04-06-2001, 09:39 PM
Bowers, maybe you can negotiate a deal with Helm or somebody more reputable and get service manuals added? I'd much rather buy from you if you had it available. Just a thought. (My bitterness with Helm is there lack of desire to help me get service manuals for my 88.)