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04-04-2001, 06:42 AM
Well I went to see a movie tonight with some friends of mine and when I came out my car was GONE!! It's ridiculous I was parked next to two camaros (friends cars) one was really nice with a system in plain view. My car didn't have a system and I even took my faceplate off and MY car goes missing. I guess it just proves that everyone likes stangs more than camaros. Anyways, I'm really upset about my car being stolen, I'll probably never see it again and I also didn't have theft insurance on it so I am basically screwed. Here's the latest pic that I have of my car. Take it easy guys and make sure that you all have some type of anti-theft device on your vehicles.

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04-04-2001, 12:48 PM
dude that sucks about your car. Keep us posted on it. My anti theif device:UGLY, i have no wing on the back of my Stang yet, that and no stereo yet but if someone wants it, no matter what you do, they WILL take it.

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04-04-2001, 02:16 PM
Sorry to hear about the Stang. We had an experience in Vancouver too. My dad purchased Tim Brown's (of Brown Bros. Ford in Vancouver, you know the Ford dealer with all the sweet Stangs...) 1993 Mustang GT that was totally rebuilt with GT40 parts and a Vortech. The car had 17" ROHs, white w grey leather, and made 420HP at the flywheel.

One day my dad takes it over from Victoria to get it tuned up (the Ford dealer here doesn't know the car yada yada.) He goes back to pick it up later and it's gone. he gets the keys from the service desk, and goes out to the yard and it's not there. It just goes to show you that if someone wants it bad enough they will get it!

Early this year we recieved a call from the Vancouver police saying they found the engine (the car was obviously chopped up.) We went over to look and there was the engine block and GT40 intake off my dad's car in a 1985 covertible with a 1989 GT body. It was sad to see such a nice car gone... I feel for your loss. Just remember that now you have an excuse to buy a new Stang!


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04-04-2001, 04:42 PM
Sorry to hear that. Thats why when I get my next stang im gettin one of those Autolock devices that goes on your clutch pedal, making your car undriveable.

04-04-2001, 05:05 PM
Yeah it gives me an excuse but I need $$$$ for that which I'm NOT getting for my car that was stolen because I didn't have theft insurance on it. I'm just gonna keep an eye on the paper for my parts. I'm looking into getting an 89 or something. It kinda sucks though because I still want my t-tops but I want mass-air. Two things that you can't have together =(

04-04-2001, 06:38 PM
Originally posted by Gray86T-tops:
It kinda sucks though because I still want my t-tops but I want mass-air. Two things that you can't have together

Says who? Converting to the MAF EEC system in a T-roof car is a lot easier than converting a MAF equipped HB or coupe to T-roof. In my case, I'm converting my '83 T-roof GT to EFI using a '93 MAF system. Conversion is easy. Just do it! Then you will have T-roof and MAF.

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04-04-2001, 07:38 PM
Yeah, that's really crappy, sorry to here about it. I worry about that all the time, it pretty easy to get into a t-top car, u just have to pull the window out, it's really easy. Did the place have camera's?, if so mabye you could get lucking.

04-04-2001, 10:05 PM
Nope, they have no camera's just security guards that didn't stop people from taking my car. Mick, I know that you can convert to mass air but my friend has been trying to get his 87 LX to run on mass air for the last month with no luck. I think that I might go for an 89-92 GT or an LX notch.

04-04-2001, 10:34 PM
Sorry to hear about your stang! I have a convertible, so I am always weary of the same.

Originally posted by speedy_stang:
Sorry to hear that. Thats why when I get my next stang im gettin one of those Autolock devices that goes on your clutch pedal, making your car undriveable.

What is an "Autolock" device? I am definatly interested.

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04-04-2001, 10:47 PM
Real sorry to hear about you ride. I nearly died when my ride was stolen (not my current vert). Keep your eyes open and check out all the local body shops!!!! often enough I found that body shops come across used parts if you know what I mean. Hope you find a new ride soon buddy.

josh miget
04-05-2001, 04:21 AM
sorry to hear bout the stang. i really dont know what i would do if mine got stolen somebody would be hurtin though cause they couldnt sell it or nothin cause not many 88gt with ttops around here but n e ways im gonna have a ttop with mass air soon. got the computer just need the sensor. later


04-05-2001, 10:56 AM
Yeah, I just got my Mustang a week ago, and i am looking into anti theft stuff. I have already caught a couple people eyeing it a bit too closely if you know what I mean. What is this clutch device? Is it like a CLUB for your clutch? I also have a convertible, and worry about how easy it is to get into. I am thinking about alrming it, although that can be bypassed as well, at least it would keep the unskilled theifs from getting it. How much does theft insurance run by the way?

Dan the Man
04-05-2001, 02:54 PM
Sorry to hear about your misfortune. You know Murphy's Law.

Come on guys, don't you watch infomercials?
I always see it usually around 4-6 pm, just surf your channels and you'll see it

Anyway, the "Autolock" looks pretty good since it prevents the brake from being depressed by jamming itself between the floor board and the pedal.

Another great device I saw was on "Shadetree Mechanic" last Saturday. It's a steering boss that allows you to free the steering wheel and it's made of super tough metal that would take you a couple of hours and a few bits to drill. If anyone is really interested I'll check my video and post the name.

Ultimatley if they want it they'll get it.

May Gray86 RIP

Take care,


04-05-2001, 04:23 PM
AUTOLOCK- The Autolock goes over your clutch in a 5-speed and on your brake in an auto. It prevents either the clutch or brake lever from being able to be pushed down. If you want to see a picture, go to:

www.autolock.com (http://www.autolock.com)

04-05-2001, 05:48 PM
Well I got a call from the police at 6:15am today. They found the car, stripped and with body damage but they found the car. I'm gonna go and take a look at it later on and hopefully take it home. I'm gonna have to borrow a drivers seat from one of my friends stangs, and put my old 10 hole rims on to get it home though. Then I think I'm gonna buy a newer GT parts car and start piecing my 86 back together.

04-05-2001, 06:17 PM
Wow that really sucks! Let us know how badly stripped it is. Hopefully it still has a motor and trans. :

04-05-2001, 06:18 PM
Good to hear they found the car at least! Hopefully a local scrap yard may have a nice interior for you and a squirt of paint and your back on the road. Hope things work out for you. Good Luck.

04-06-2001, 05:23 PM
Great!! Sorry about the strip job, but better than never seeing it again. I am going to look at on of those pedal locks. Hopefuly things will be able to be put together without too much problem. Good Luck!!

04-06-2001, 05:58 PM
Well I went and took a look at it yesterday. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The chrome ponies and Goodyear Eagle GS-C's are obviously gone. They got the front seats, couldn't figure out how to get the back seats out, my cd player, aluminum pedal covers, dome light cover (obviously taking stuff for their stang), and busted my cd's and stuff. I wasn't allowed to touch the car because it still needs to be fingerprinted but my tranny is still there, the motor I'm willing to bet is there, all my performance parts are still on it that I could see (h-pipe and undercar stuff) and they dented the passenger door slightly when they popped the lock out. Other than that it's not too bad. I'm getting a set of Leather 00 Gt seats for the front and probably some cobra R's. A little bit of bodywork on the passanger door and a coat of paint and she's ready to be as beautiful as before. I just hope that they didn't rag it too hard when they had it, but I guess I'll find out.

04-09-2001, 12:54 PM
Well that is positive anyway. Hate to see stuff like this happen. Are you going to get the theft insurance on it now, or do something in the way of prevention? At least what they took can be replaced without a bunch of trouble, just time and a little expence. Hope you find everything that you need to get that car rockin', she's a sweet looking ride! Good luck man!

04-10-2001, 01:19 AM
I always heard of a hidden kill switch? this would electronically stop the car from leaving where it sits. That would be a start in my book. anyone hear of this technology? I was told this at work by a guy. was he full of s%$#? kind of like the special key deal but a bit less neat or hi-tech looking...COBRA

04-10-2001, 01:23 AM
That really sucks. I am always nervous about mine getting stolen. I even box it in at night between other cars. I hope you find the ******* that stole it and teach him a thing or two. Good luck

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mike g
04-10-2001, 04:58 AM
i am the same way ed but i have the best theft deterant of all...the driver side of my car looks like ****, but when i get it painted i'm gonna piss my pants everytime it goes out of my eye sight. i am thinking of getting the autolock thingy though i would gladly pay 50bucks then pay 4000 for another mustang.

04-10-2001, 02:59 PM
Yeah, the kill switch works, but it is not immediate unless it is something other than what I am familiar with. Is shuts of the gas to the engine so it dies within about a block. My buddy has one in his glovebox. I reached in and pushed it one day and we just shut down after a half block!! I think I am going to get one of those pedal locks, especially for when I am running with the top down. Need to have something on it, I went to the flea market this weekend and walked back to the parking lot every five minutes to check the car!! I am getting paranoid about this. Anyone else knows of anything, please let me know. Thanks!

04-10-2001, 04:08 PM
There are a few simple ways to keep your ride where you parked it.

A car won't run without spark and fuel so you can install a switch or relay that disables or disconnects:<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>positive or negative battery cable<LI>ignition coil input power or ground<LI>fuel pump relay power or ground(EFI only)<LI>fuel pump power or ground(EFI only)[/list]

Some other methods to replace easily found toggle switches or pushbuttons:<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>hi/low beam foot switch(remember those?) under the carpet<LI>magnetic contact switch behind a dash panel with matching magnet on your keyring<LI>incorporate an existing switch(i.e. headlight, hazzard, rear defrost, cigar lighter) and an additional relay that's energized by the OE switch[/list]

I have seen a system sold by Jegs and/or Summit to lock the brakes(hydraulically) when the car off is by pressing the brake pedal once that is released with a key. The main unit is plumbed into the brake lines.

I have a removable Grant steering wheel in my car they I can remove and take with me or lock down in the car in about 10 seconds - no wheel, no steal.

Granted, none of the above suggestions will stop the car from being towed but they will prevent it from being driven.

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04-10-2001, 10:16 PM
Got a very well hidden switch in my Vert Cobra and it works like a charm. Car will turn and start for maybe 1-2 seconds at best and die permenantly until switch is reactivated. The guy who rigged it is an electrical engineer and man is it slick. I highly recommend it. I belive its a special cutoff to the fuel pump.

Big K
04-11-2001, 10:34 AM
About a year ago I saw one of those real-life cop shows where the police parked a specially equipped car in a "high crime" area and lay in wait. A robber would hop in the car, hot-wire it, and drive about 100 yards before the engine died and the doors locked. The locks were rigged so that you had to have a key -- you couldn't unlock them from inside. All the thief's reactions were caught on tape (and used in court) with a dash-mounted mini-cam. It was great!

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04-11-2001, 08:54 PM
you can always remove the fuel pump relay or run a switch on the low current side of the relay

mike g
04-11-2001, 09:13 PM
i saw that bigk the look on their face when they couldn't open the doors was so **** funny ahh that was a good laugh

04-13-2001, 12:02 AM
Well is nice to see that you got "some" of the car back. Since you are already planing to invest some more money into the car, if you can, look into LoJack. I know that is not available in all the cities but if it is available in your area, it may help you since these "Rats" are just waiting for people like you and I to invest some of our hard earned money into our cars so these "Rats" can take them for "free". I am thinking very hard about LoJack since it is available here in Houston. The only problem being the $500 I need for it. Also, combine a bunch of the above suggestions so you can make it harder on the "Rats". You may never make it completely theft-proof but the harder you make it, the better the chance your car has from being taken.

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04-13-2001, 11:18 AM
I use the Club and the Cap combo for my Mustang and Ranger. The Cap is like a garbage can lid and is designed to protect the driver's airbag from theft (as opposed to just the Club which still allows the airbag to be stolen), but you can use it even if you don't have an airbag (another thing they'd have to hack thru). It also works with the Lockjaw device.
One thing about catching whoever steals or breaks into your car...several years ago I caught someone breaking into my Ranger. I overpowered him, held them til police came. He had burglery tools and his car was full of stuff stolen from other vehicles he broke into that night. Open & shut case right? The whole scene changed when the guy told police I called him a racial slur when we struggled. They were no longer interested in the break in, but now everything was on me. Several days later I received a call saying I had to turn myself in (or a warrant would be issued), I was fingerprinted, photographed, and had to promise to appear when a court date was set. 1st court session, prosecutor said "I STRONGLY suggest you get a good lawyer." I appeared 4 more times, got a 2 year suspended sentence, folded clothes for the Salvation Army for 20 hours. They told me I coulda got 30 days in jail for what was called a hate crime.
Never found out what happened to the other guy (if anything). I learned my lesson: It's OK to steal, but not call someone names.

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04-13-2001, 01:40 PM
No way, you're joking! That really sucks. Good old legal system.