View Full Version : SVT owners, please read!

05-15-2001, 07:39 PM
I agree that the Bowers have done the Mustang GT owners a wonderful service in providing this place for us to do whatever it is you do concerning your stang. I am trying to do the same for the 93-99,01 SVT Cobra owners. I know some of you here own both and SVT Cobra (working on a section for you GT Cobra Canuks out there, please help me out) as well as a GT registered here. My car is an 89 GT registered here, but since I could not afford a 93 Cobra at the time, I bought this 89 GT did the conversion myself. It's been fun and rewarding, because you'll never know just how hard it is to find some silly little part Ford no longer makes but you absolutely need to finish a particular project! At any rate, I am able to modify my car because if it were a genuine 93 SVT Cobra, heaven knows I wouldn't change so much as the air filter from stock. I've fooled so many "experts" at carshows I've lost count. Only think I can't change is the VIN. So, please get the word out that the SVT Cobra Registry (BTW, pales in comparison to this registry's grandeur) is ready to begin accepting members. Thank you Kathy Bowers for all your work here!

Glen Meades, Jr.
1989 Ford Mustang Cobra Conversion
Born on June 2, 1989