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06-04-2001, 03:27 AM
Since recently joining the registry, you guys have been great! The reponses to a tech question has enabled me to start troubleshooting somewhere. Thought I'd take the opportunity to introduce myself and a little about my 89GT. I've owned her since 1992. At the time, she had 42,000. I about fell over. A three year old car with some serious mileage! The dealership gave me the name of the original owner prior to buying it. I called and learned he had traded the car reluctantly for a Chevy Suburban. Since he had kids, the Mustang was just too small. He informed me that he was in the service and that the high mileage was due to several trips from the east coast to Phoenix, AZ. The car was in super shape despite. So with that information, I bought her on election day in 1992 for $8,200. Since then, the car has rarely let me down. Maybe if I had not made any mods, she would have been repair free. Like many, I looked at all the performance stuff out there. It can be trying having so much out there with so many claims of this and that. I got caught up in the newer is better syndrome and complete obsession. Just ask the muffler shop who has installed the 4 sets of mufflers in the last 9 years. I started off removing the cats on the pipes and flowmasters. Then a set of dynomax, a pair of aero chambers which were my favorite, but they ended up cracking around the base. Finally the current set of flow tech afterburners. Guess you get what you pay for. At the earliest convienence they will be history. I'll be going back to the flowmasters. Guess you live and learn. When the car had 50,000 miles I installed the first and only engine modification to date. A Paxton SN93 6lb. supercharger. Many of my Mustang friends were died in the wool Vortech fans. Guess I wanted to be different. For me, the selling point of the Paxton was the intercooler and the self contained lubrication design. I saved like a mule to buy it. I considered heads, cam. and that sort of stuff, but after reading a ton of tech articles, I felt the blower would serve the same purpose without having to tear down the engine. Any modifications afterwards would only enhance the performance. I never got around to doing anything else. Today, the car has 182,000 with the same SN93 Paxton. Over the years, I had the car repainted 3 times due to it being a hit magnet in parking lots. I gave up trying. Today, the Myrtle Beach sun has faded the once gorgeous bright regatta blue. After a number of years and thoughts of selling her, I just couldn't part with it. I'm going to once try again. This time with the stuff I always wanted. Fiberglass hood, a Dugan spoiler, and a set of Weld drag lites. Rather than rebuild the original motor, a crate engine for me is the best bet when the time comes. Guess I qualify as an old timer being 39 years old. Many of my Mustang friends back home used to cruise in packs on the weekends, taking turns at every red light humiliating every GM product that was frisky enough. Since moving from that area a couple of years back. I found my new residence to be animic of the pony cars on a local level. From the tourist arena, popular Ocean Blvd. is flooded with more stangs that the eye can see. Unfortunately, the majority being jerks who seemed to have something to prove, at least to the fellow Mustang enthusiast along side in traffic instead of junior and his Z-28. Well I've flapped my jaws enough for now. I look forward to getting to know everyone on the registry, and of course your advice along the way is invaluable to me. Thanks guys.

06-04-2001, 04:17 AM

I hope you enjoy as much as everyone else does.

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mike g
06-04-2001, 05:05 AM
congrats on finding this fine place!

and your story about your car and you was awesome thx for the info =)

06-04-2001, 08:35 AM
Welcome. I, too, have thought about getting rid of my '86 GT but every time I get close, I just can't seem to depart from it. I have reached the point with my car where everything she needs now is going to cost big money (restored interior and/or new heads, intake, convert to Mass Air, etc). Is a 15 year-old car worth putting several more thousand dollars into? I already have close to $5,000 and countless hours invested already. Hmmm...

06-04-2001, 05:49 PM
Welcome to the Registry.