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06-04-2001, 12:09 PM
Thought I'd share a true story with you guys. This happened a few years back. Back home in Georgia, the story is still talked about today with the next generation pony owners. A good friend of mine was responsible for transforming me into a Mustang nut. We all have a ugly past, I was a Camaro diehard owning a 67 SS and a '70. Till I rode in his 1990 GT, only then did I know "this is where it's at." My friend was quite comical to ride with. Often he'd have some 4 banger rice rocket reving his turbo vacuum cleaner trying to get a response. Terry, usually laughed with his standard line "you can't be serious". When it came to Camaro's it was like war had been declared. Of course he always let the other guy initiate the first crack of the throttle. One saturday night we had cruised the 8 mile strip and stopped at the Sonic Drive In for our usual cherry dr. pepper when a black 1997 Camaro Z-28 drove by. I had just put the Paxton on the car, and word spread quickly. Often, I was challenged more often than my other friends who had major built motors. I guess they wanted to see just how fast a stock 5.0 was with it. So I was refered to as "Paxton Boy" Terry, who always had a line, told the guy "hey you can't expect Ray to race every "s**t souffle'" (chevrolet) out there. If you want a piece of my pony's mane you'll have to come get it. Terry made his way to his 90GT cranked it up and said let's go title for title. All of us got that insane grin could this guy be so stupid. Answer:yes. Here sat a Camaro fully loaded with just 200 miles. Terry then said, oh my god I must put some gas and some octane booster if I should have to run this race car. I'll be right back in 10 minutes, I have my title and you bring yours to little turd 1 (LT1) and we'll head out. The guy in the Camaro who was inferiated was tosing out insults right and left. Terry as always kept his cool. Honestly, we never thought we'd see him again, except on the street where he could run from us. Then here he came, pulling into the Sonic. Terry, stood next to his 90GT, and said are you sure you want to lose? The race was arranged so that two of us held the others title in case one tried to bail at the end of the race. When Terry cranked his GT up this time, something was different. The guy in the Camaro had this puzzled look on his face, what ya do uncap the headers? No man those are my cherry bombs! Needless to say the guy lost the race and Terry became the unproud owner of a Z-28. If the Camaro guy had a brain he would have noticed that the 90GT he first saw, and then raced were two different cars but totally identical in appearance. Terry loved to mess with people's minds! He drove the car a few days until I guess we ragged him so much he finally traded it at the ford dealership for a '93 Cobra on the used lot. He did have to cough up $2,000 in cash, but hey, he wasn't complaining. Terry still has the two 90GT's and the Cobra. Though the hot GT's motor has long been replaced.It still runs consistant 9.80's

06-04-2001, 03:25 PM
Pretty sneaky but comical, I imagine the guy who lost his camaro could have bought it back from your friend cheaper than it would have been to go back to the dealership. Such is the life of the Bow-tie driver's. The days of the pink-slip runs are far and few between but if anybody is that serious than they better back it up. Did the guy who lost ever find out that he had been baited and switched?

06-04-2001, 09:55 PM
Well, the cars looked identical with the exception of the roll cage in one. His street GT still was loud as heck when you popped the throttle. A Mac H pipe and flow tech terminator mufflers with a sound nowhere near a flowmaster or dynomax. His street GT had a B303, your basic GT-40 engine with the usual mods. The other GT was a 306 built to one of the popular Pro 5.0 cars at the time. Street legal, it ran a little slower with cheater slicks. We never saw the guy again until a year later. Driving a Chevy Blazer. The running joke was maybe he'll try and take on bigfoot!