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Originally Posted by 93 Wht GT
Hey Rob!
Yeah, I'm here in San Jose just East from Sunnyvale.

There are some cool spots around town for picture taking. Do you have a recent photo of you car? If we do hook up, then we can post pictures of our cars together.

How about mid-part of Jan?

Mid-Jan sounds very good to me. The kids will love it. I meant to email you back about last month but I spent way too much time, money, and energy getting the car to pass smog. Good news is I was able to polish the valve covers, and paint the valve covers' PCV and Air Cleaner pieces gloss black, while I had her partly disassembled. That really helps it pass smog...

Can't really see it all, but I know it's there!!

The most recent pics I've got are on FourEyedPride. I haven't figured out if we can add pics here or not.


1984 GT convertible built 11/83 with slapper bars and without fog lights. DSO 89 (Transportation Services) purchased by Ford VP of Finance. Medium Canyon Red Exterior, Charcoal Interior, 5.0, 5-speed, all power options, and 84k miles.
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