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Default Garage to Studio conversions - things to consider.


I'm hoping to move house soon and am currently trawling Rightmove etc looking for a suitable property. Some properties have a decent enough sized room in the house, but others would mean setting up in a garage... I don't plan to record drums or have rehearsals, so soundproofing is not an issue. It will be more a case of me writing and recording my own stuff. It will also double as a listening room, etc. What kind of things should I be looking for and thinking about when viewing? If it is single brick I presume I might have to look into insulation, adding a second skin... What other options? And - as silly as it might sound - do garages tend to be as structurally sound as houses? Heating is something else I will have to think about. Ideally I would have it on the same system as the house. I'm guessing there must be a load of other things to consider but I can't think what.I know acoustic treatment will be essential, so that's already covered. And I know the dimensions will also play a big part in that.

Please help.

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