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Default Radiator caps

I am trying find a RS-64 radiator cap for my 93. A metal one. They are rare for some reason and typically cost $80-$100+. No thank you. I am told the RS-90 will work just as well, but all i am finding are the newer ones with a plastic cap. Thats what the dealer gives you as well. No thank you. I dont want the newer plastic capped stuff as it wasnt oriignal to to my 93.

I found the RS-62 caps which are quite plentiful, but they are only 13psi. My 93 takes a 16psi.

I have been using Stant (10231, IIRC) for years but would like to return to Motorcraft. The only options i seem to have in obtaining the RS-64 without spending a lot (for a radiator cap) is getting lucky at the parts yards, and more than likely have to replace the rubber seals. That is if the cap isnt rusted to hell. I have seen listings on ebay that have done this with other caps, but never tried it myself. Anyone here ever replace the rubber in a radiator cap, successfully?

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