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Shasta is a nice place. Reminds me of a 1wk family house boat vacation that wasn't so nice though.

We had me, my wife, the two kids, my sis, her hubby, and their two kids in the balcony section, and about 8 other family members in the main section below us. First day was great - we all had a blast and really enjoyed it.

Second day my nephew got sick and gacked most of the day. That night my bro-in-law got the same thing and ended up gacking off the top balcony into the lake. I'm making fun of him the whole time, but then I start feeling queezy and join him after a few minutes. That lasted pretty much all night.

For the next 2 days it freakin' rained constantly so we're all doing absolutely nothing and getting on each others' nerves.

The 5th day was beautiful, we'd all stopped gacking, and finally got some skiing, tubing, boating, swimming, and BBQing done.

The 6th day we got a cell phone call from my other sis who couldn't make the trip (lucky her), and who told us her new-born son had a life threatening issue and was in the hospital (not so lucky). That was more than enough reason to cut the trip short right there. He was released a few days later to everyone's relief.

We all laugh about hell-week now, but man, we'd gotten all the houseboat trip fun we could handle there.

Some kind of meet half way would be pretty cool sometime.


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