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Bring her along!

My wife wouldn't come within 50 miles of the place! So I'll hang out with a lady from work (lives in LaPlata) who come every year with her husband and their '68 Camaro, '70 Chevelle SS454, '00(ish) Camaro SS...they'll probably leave her '03 Corvette behind (noticing a trend yet...?)

And actually, my folks live in Berlin, so I have a free place to stay!

How's it been going - haven't heard much from you here...still have the Fox? I'm thinking to head to MIR on Friday...
1988 GT Convertible.
Best 1/4 mile run so far: 14.44 @ 95.24
BBK=Length shorties, off road H-pipe, flowmasters, smog delete, underdive pulleys.
Steeda Short Throw Shifter and Clutch linkage, King Cobra clutch
FMS 3.73 rear, FMS 5-lug rear axles, SN/95 spindles with Cobra FDBs
LRS 2" specific rate lowering springs
Kenny Brown strut tower brace and welded in sub-frame connectors.
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