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need4spd90 12-18-2009 04:51 PM

Ford part # help please
can anyone look up this ford part # for me? from a rear coil sporing..trying to figure out if its a 4cyl or V8 fox spring

E5SC-5560 MA


l1k2gadd 03-07-2010 04:16 PM

I don't have the cross-reference but I know from my years parting out Mustangs and Cougars and hunting other cars for parts that the E5S is a 1985 (or later) Thunderbird part number. I also am aware of the fact that the Mustang, Cougar and Thunderbird used a lot of similar parts in these years and I wouldn't be surprised if the Fairmont did too. Napa has some cross-reference listings. You may want to try a local Napa store if there are any in your area and see if they can enter the number in their computer database and tell you what it crosses over to.

m80j 05-23-2010 05:10 PM

I realize this post is old but I stumbled on some info.I found a pic of a 91 ssp door tag that shows your E5SC-5560 MA spring as a rear spring for a 91 notch.Because it's a rear spring I don't think the engine's displacement matters.

fb93 05-24-2010 02:36 AM

Didnt see this posted on the registry anywhere but if it is, my bad.

Front springs: Left (267) Right (268)
B = FOZC-5310-TA MOV
O = E5SC-5310-MA MOL
P = E5SC-5310-NA MON
Q = E5SC-5310-RA MOR
R = E5SC-5310-UA MOY
A = FOZC-5310-AA TUL
D = FOZC-5310-DA TUO
E = FOZC-5310-EA TUP
F = FOZC-5310-BA TUM
G = FOZC-5310-CA TUN

Rear springs:
A = E5SC-5560-AA MIB
B = E5SC-5560-BA MID
C = E5SC-5560-CA MIE
F = D9BC-5560-FA LEG
G = D9BC-5560-GA NIN
H = D9BC-5560-FA NOL
J = D9BC-5560-JA POK
S = E5SC-5560-MA MIL
T = E5SC-5560-NA MIN
U = E5SC-5560-RA MIO

This was copied out of my 1993 Mustang service manual but should apply to older models as well. There is no mention of which springs were used with what engine, so asking others for thier spring codes off the door tag may be your best bet to get an idea of what came with what. My 93 is TPBBB. Spring codes are front left, front right, rear left, and rear right.

That would be:
T = AOD transimission
P = E5SC-5310-NA MON
B = FOZC-5310-TA MOV
B = E5SC-5560-BA MID
B = E5SC-5560-BA MID

Its not much, but im sure it will come in handy at some point, in some way.

need4spd90 05-24-2010 11:51 AM

wow yeah old post lol

but thanks for the info fb93

and m80j,there IS a difference between 4cyl and V8 front AND rear springs rates. i'll guarantee you that..

i did get the issue sorted out though. thanks again guys

fb93 05-24-2010 05:30 PM


So was your part number for a 4 cylinder or a V8?

m80j 05-25-2010 02:56 PM

I knew there was a difference in the fronts but wasn't sure about the rear springs. Sorry for the bad info.:smile:

skunk 05-26-2010 07:35 AM


Originally Posted by m80j
I knew there was a difference in the fronts but wasn't sure about the rear springs. Sorry for the bad info.:smile:

That part # should be for a 4cyl. The 4cyl used a constant rate spring rated @ 160lbs per inch. The V8's used progressive spring reated at 200-300 lbs per inch on all 4 corners. The progressive springs where the GT and heavy duty handling package..'79-'84 V8's used 160 constant rate springs even on the TRX package.

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