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stanger19899ddr 01-23-2021 11:48 PM

1982 gt 302
Hello everyone
I would like to ask a question and hopefully someone can help me out.
Just purchased a 1982 GT with the recaro seats, and louvers.
Back in the early 80s I let a silver 82 like this one slip thru my fingers. The thing I remember about the 82 GT I saw in the early 80s is it had a decal package on the side that said the Boss. I heard it was a dealer option/ add on. Does anyone have a GT or have pictures of a car with that decal set .
I would like to get the one I:great now own set up like the one I remember

Any information and or pics would be appreciated. :great:

sellis1012 01-26-2021 09:07 PM

Boss decals
Wow, this site has gone almost completely dark! Anyway, no Boss decals were ever produced for 82. “The Boss is Back” was simply an ad campaign. Maybe some dealer somewhere sent the detail boy to Kinkos?

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