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Copyright Issues

Under NO condition should you copy and post any write-ups, images or other information contained at this web site on your own web site. YES, WE MEAN YOU!! All of our write-ups on these web pages are our copyrighted material (unless credited to another source). If you copy our write-ups and publish them on another web page, you have broken the law and we WILL take legal action against you to correct the problem.

Now, in spite of all the copyright warnings on our web pages, we've been having some problems with people ripping off various write-ups from our web site and posting them on their own site (frequently claiming them as their own). We surf the Mustang web sites on the web on a regular basis and we WILL find out if you have done this and you WILL be contacted (either by e-mail, telephone or both) to remove our material from your site.

Since we're tired of messing around with violators, we have now created a "copyright violator's" listing here on our web site. If we discover one of our write-ups on your web page, your web site and e-mail address will be posted on our violator's listing for all the world to see. This will be done without any prior warning from us to you. We will also still be contacting you (either by e-mail, telephone or both) to remove the materials from your web site.

We wish we didn't have to be so hard-core about this, but we've wasted way too much of our valuable registry time chasing down people who are basically too lazy to research and write their own stuff. We created this web site to gather data on 1982-1993 Mustang GT's and we worked hard to write original materials to attract people to our web site. Posting our write-ups on your web site totally defeats the purpose of our web site.



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All information and opinions here are provided solely for entertainment purposes only. All information is believed to be as true and correct as possible. Under no circumstances will any of the above named parties, including ourselves, be held liable for any damages incurred as a result of using any information provided within these pages.

All information submitted by GT Registry participants will be used only for purposes directly related to the GT Registry. Names and locations (city / state) of participants will be kept confidential only if a written request is submitted to the GT Registry - street addresses and phone numbers will not be publicized. All data from the cars (i.e. VIN's, door data tag info, build sheets, window sticker info, etc.) will be used by the GT Registry as needed to further the purposes of the Registry and is not considered confidential information.

Please be aware that any and all information sent to us (including the contents of letters and e-mails) is NOT considered to be confidential and private information and may be used in the interests of the 1982-1993 Mustang GT Registry. By sending us any form of correspondence, you give us permission to post the contents both in our published newsletter and on our web site (unless you specifically request otherwise at the time of mailing).