Register A GT!

Register your 1982-1993 Mustang GT in our database...

We need info from your GT for the 1982-1993 Mustang GT Registry!! 

1993 Mustang GT certification labelThe purpose of this registry is to establish a library of production numbers, production variances, unique histories of the cars and a database of pertinent information for future restorations and research. Don't be left out - the registry has already grown to over 6,000+ cars!!

It costs NOTHING to register your GT!!! By completely and accurately filling out your GT's registration, you are actually doing other current and future GT owners a BIG favor by contributing the data from your car for future reference.  Check out the Statistics page for summaries of some of the data we've collected.

To register your car, click on the appropriate link below to go to your GT's registration form and then follow the instructions carefully.


  1. Please check our Registered GT Owner Listing before you begin to make sure your car isn't already registered.
  2. Please read the entire registration form carefully and allow it to load completely before beginning. The registration forms are quite lengthy and ask for information such as the VIN, door tag info, etc. We recommend you print off a copy of the blank registration form then go to your car to copy down the information before starting to enter your data on the computer. We apologize for the length and detail of the form, but the more information you can give us, the better the registry will be.


VERY IMPORTANT NOTE... PLEASE let us know if you encounter problems with these forms.

Note: These forms are javascript-enhanced. Certain features will not be functional unless you have javascript enabled on your browser

Is your car already registered, but you need to add or change the information you already sent??

If so, please send us an e-mail with the additions or changes you need to make.  You must include (at the minimum) the car's VIN and the registered owner number and car number from the Registered Owner Listings.