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Old 05-28-2008, 11:04 AM   #1
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Default Several Mustags For Sale with tons and tons of parts

I have the following parts as well as cars that I would like to selling

All these parts were pulled from wrecked cars that I boutght to use as needed on other car that I rebuilding to sell.

I started building these cars in 1988, I was 19 had a GF who stood by my side every bit of the way, around 1995 my parents divorced unexpectedly this created a hardship between me and GF and a tremendous loss to my dad both mentally and physically.

He lost a wife of 28 years, I called it quits with my GF of almost 8 years to whom I thought I married years ago... Looking back i'm not sure the reason for my actions but I quit the stang banging and took a public job because I recieved a offer that I though would benifit both me and my dad.....Bad mistake I spent the next few years working for someone and looking for a woman as good as the one that I let go.

10 years later I have found the woman but I have no desire or passion for these cars and the only thing I can seem to focus on is the car I that I first I owned(1969 Cougar)

All most every part that I have has been stored in a what once was 60x100 ft dry tobacco barn with hard dirt floors. It accumilated to the point that lofts were built on the upper floors to put stuff it finally reached the point that you have to ziz zag through a maze of parts to reach anything.

Then, I knew how to price my parts, Today I have not a clue as how to price this stuff.

Recently I had someone wanting to buy some things that I know are hard to find mainly because there was a thin selection of them abalible when I stopped dealing with the cars. And what is avalible today is coming from cars that has been drove hard and put up wet. also as far as I know pretty much everything I have is history when it comes to buying it from FORD.

I know I have written a book and havent put a price on anything but I would really like to move some of or all of this stuff if possible so im throwing it out here and looking to get some decent offers for the stuff.

Here is a link to several pictures of the stuff, http://www.p0intnsh00t.smugmug.com/ the PASSWORD is... carparts ....every thing is good but covered in barn dust which makes the stuff look 10 times worse than it really is.

There is also some 1967-1971 Cougar, 55-56 Ford Crown Vick and 65-66 Ford truck parts piled in certin areas but it is far out weighed by 1987-93 Mustang parts

If anyone has the urge to splurge and pocket book to buy this stuff i'm open to offers. The only thing I suggest is that bring a couple of semi trailor because it would take several months to move all if you was just packing it across the road by pickup.

If this stuff sells I will invest it Cougar parts.

I'm not sure if I see it happening and if it climbs in price years from now as the 66-70 mustangs has the barn find would be like finding a GOLD mine.

Besides the cars I listed below, I have tons of miscelanious parts such as dashes, dash pads, wiring harnesses, convertible tops and top pieces a few rust free hatches(LX, GT) and trunks lids with and without luggage racks, engine cradels, tons of front suspension components(struts, springs, rotors, Spindles, brake calipers, brake boosters(4 cylinder and GT) common colors) a few good door panels(common colors) inside quarter trim panels as well as small side pockets.

As well as those mentioned above I have left and right full quarter cutoff, complete tops(Convertible, T-tops, sunroof, hardtops) Long and Short rolling rear clips(coupe and hatchback cut across floor and low on windshield post) Front clips(cut high on windshield post and behind front seats) rust free doors(convertible, coupe, standard hatch) window regulators (std & power) armrest, GT molding Front of and behind rear wheel(No long rocker molding) side glasses.

The - GT cars have been garaged and out of weather in the dry most of there entire life neither have been driven during winter or when there was salt or snow on the road. occasionaly there were in rain but only for a short period of time on days that rain shower popped unexpecedly.

Interior in both cars is near mint.

1987 GT Convertible White on white with scarlet red interior(Mint)

This car has been driven only on weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) for the past 20 years by my dad who is now 63 he parked it about a year ago

The 5.0 V-8 is all origonal and in good running condition with 143,XXX actual miles, oil has been regurally changed ever 2500-3000 miles (it uses about a quart between changes due to the origonal valve covers leaking by no means is this car covered with oil or look worn out nor is it a oil burner)

Interior is in like new condition and is near mint from the carpet to the sunvisors,

Outside the drivers side fender has a small dent about the size of a softball (this come from a deer running into the road and leaping about the time the fender passed in front of the deer the rest of the car is free of dents, damage of rust.

The convertible top works as new but needs replaced (the car has not been driven with the top down in 8-10 years due to cracking along the edges however it has been lowered and raised over these years to keep everything free and in working condition) Car has not been driven in the past year.

1988 GT Silver with Grey interior(mint)

This car has 129,XXX miles on it. It has never been wrecked or had any kind of frame damage they entire body from front to rear is dent free and near perfect. Currently the car runs and drives but has been stripped to bear metal and would need primed, prepped, painted and assembled

This cars had damaged in 2 locations

1 - The top of the the front bumper cover between the headlights looked as if someone poured something on it and tried to burn it. the fire burnt long enough to disfigure the eurathane bumper cover and heat the inner parking lights (I have a new bumper cover In the box from FORD)

2 - The under hood wiring was burnt in the area where the 4 fuel injector plugs connect to the injectors it looks as if it burnt just long enough to melt plugs, [artially blacked or smoke intake and heat the underside of the hood to where it cracked the paint.

Other than the lip of the hood where it mates with bumper cover and the center of the hood above and around the intake had any damaged.

When I started on this car I had several 89 and up cars that came equipped with MASS AIR but not one for a 1988 with a correct wiring harness

I replaced the damaged wiring harness and upper intake plenium with that of a newer car. The car now has Mass air on it.

Currently it is sanded to bare metal. It would need to be re sanded, metal washed, primed and painted re assembled.

The mirrors, bumber covers, front and rear window trim as well as quarter glasses and door locks have been removed for painting

The car has a light surface rust on it but there is no metal that even comes close to being pitted or needing replaced the entire time that this car has been setting it has been sprayed twice a year with a rust preventing agent.

I also have a fairly low mileage T-Top car this car is wrecked but not beyond fixing . I said to junk it but dad wanted to keep it. It Needs passenger side quarter panel (hit in gas door), passenger side door post is pushed in at lower hinge about 2" inches and section of metal replaced where air breather mounts.

Not sure what hit this car but it looks as if it maybe of slid off of the road and hit arm sized trees or wooden fence post...The Black interior, 5-spd trans and rear bumper was pulled and used on another car. I have sheet metal on other partial cars to fix this car.

1993 LX Convertible 68,XXX 4 Clylinder Auto Red on Red with Black top MINT interior.

This car was damaged in drivers rear quarted and in the area between the the core support and shock tower.

Currently it is complete less headlights and parking lights, damage has been repaired but needs the welds on the quarter ground down and mudded in where the quarter section was welded in and the area between core and shock tower sanded and prepped for painted.

1988 4 cylinder Coupe Blue with Blue interior Runs but clutch or automatic transmission was slipping.

Not 100% sure but I think this car has a clean title. I bought this car it was non running(bad fuel pump) flat tire and driver sided fender was bent.

I replaced fender painted entire car and parked it a few hundred miles after the repaint.

This car needs a transmission or clutch replaced, Sounds stupid but I can't remember if it was a manual or auto car just that it tanny problems.

Paint and interior on this car is nice has 5.0 LX wheels

1991 4 cylinder convertible all power Red on Red with Black top. This car has a very solid body with no rust. interior, motor and top are shot.

The body has a very small spot of damage around the driver side tail light the entire area need to repair would be less tha 2" X 4" this spot is located just forward of where the outter edge of the tail light mounts to the quarter panel.

It looks about like RAMBO jabbed his finger in the side of it and the pulled back on it.

I planned to build this car with a 351W and SVO suspension but later decided to build a Coupe car.

1990 4 Cylinder Coupe
This is pretty much a roller, no motor, no transmission, no interior, no hood, no fenders, no front bumper, but it does have good black dash and passenger door, rear bumper, no rust, core support has been replaced at one time (not by me so so job and couldn't really tell it when car was intact)

1985 SVO
No motor, no suspension, no interior, Has rust free rear hatch with glass and lower part of bi-plane wing, rear sail panels and side glasses, Both doors, both fenders, heater unit, turbo cooler, good passenger side tail light, tail light to front of car wiring harness.

I can be reached @ 270-487-6314

Jeff C

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Old 03-01-2009, 08:35 PM   #2
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Default I know its been a year but...

Was wondering if you had anything left parts wise? I am in need of the double power window switch for the drivers door and its bezel and a set of gray sunvisors. I also need 3 single bezels for the locks and passenger window switch. If not thats cool too.
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Old 03-12-2009, 07:50 PM   #3
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I have moved on from fox mustangs to a 69 cougar xr7, at least for now. I may be interested in some parts if you have them, drop me an email to davedii@hotmail.com
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Old 04-23-2009, 01:19 AM   #4
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I'm looking for a red dash pad for an 86 Gt Vert
82 Ford Mustang GT
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Old 05-19-2009, 09:09 AM   #5
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Default hi

i was curious if u had any 84 mustangs with good front inner fender aprons rust free thanks
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Old 05-20-2009, 10:16 AM   #6
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This guy hasn't even been on this website in almost a year! I don't believe he is going to respond to anyone wanting parts.The phone numbers he has listed aren't working numbers anymore either.
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