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Smile Thanking you for the new information

Originally Posted by 82gtstang View Post
The number on the buck tag (end of 2nd line 1982 thru1987, begin of 1st line 1988 and later) IS the rotations number for the body & paint line at the plant.
Thanks 82gtstang; I never realized that the 1987 and the 1988 buck tags were different.The Registry could now add this to he other differences between the two years. I have also been trying to find out how the " rotation number for the body and paint line " works and what does it mean, as far as production goes. Any help here would be great. I'm guessing, but it appears that you have or may have had an 82 gt. I'm doing some work with car numbers as related to all the years in the registry. What I need is the first day of production for 1982. Any ideas, anybody?
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