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Originally Posted by Bobs88CobraGT View Post
A few days ago I took the part of my car,WITH THE ORIGINAL TITANIUM PAINT ON IT, to my paint man. He had spent time going through his books. When he saw the part he pulled out a paint chart, different than I had ever seen, and scanned it and the sample of paint under A VERY BRIGHT LIGHT. The paint I have is....SEM BUMPER COATER, 39253, Med. Titanium Metallic. My paint man said to me," You know this is an actual Ford Paint." All the paint chips had mix numbers except 39253, which said, " NOT AVAILABLE." Shakerhood has a can of SEM paint which, when he checks the paint number ,may be the same paint. I have a picture of the original paint and the new paint.
I bet it is the same color, the last 3 numbers are the same, the first 2 may have changed. I painted a piece of metal and taped it on the lower section and looked out in the sunlight and it literally disappeared as it matched so well.
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