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Smile Winter Project

I have spent most of this winter, except for the really cold days, taking apart and sanding down my 88GT. It is Cabernet and Titanium. The body of the car is about 99.9% rust free. Just a few stone chips on the wheel wells. The car was totally painted in late 1991 and I found it in early 1992. About Late February I brought Her Home. The first picture shows Her covered with slush and snow. The car had been heavily coated with clear coat, about 1/16 inch thick in some places.This cracked severely over the years and was actually flaking off.The bottom half of the car was painted silver grey but none of the ground effects were removed. So while I was removing the plastic panels from the car I found two areas where the original Titanium paint had never been touched since it was painted in the factory in October, 1987. My car will be brought back to it's original color. If anyone is interested, and once I get the paint numbers, I will post the results for all to see. IF anyone has an original painted car with Titanium on the bottom and you know the paint numbers please let us know.... from Bob.
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