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Those two holes do not connect to anything, but they do have caps. New canisters do not come with caps, unfortunately.

National Parts Depot sells the caps and canister. Based on your pic you want part #M-9D653-4 (original), or part #M-9D653-4B (reproduction).

caps and canister -
international shipping -

One line leads to the fuel tank, the other leds to the purge valve and on to a metal fitting on the underside of the upper intake, at the front. Check the hose at the intake as that hose can dry out and crack overtime resulting in a vacuum leak. And your drive belt looks cracked. Put that on the list as well.

By the way, the 86-93 5.0 use the same setup and pretty much the same parts when it comes to emissions. The major differences are with the wiring harnesses, the engine itself, some brake and suspension parts.

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