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I agree with the others..something is definitely not right. However, you CAN make the car faster and keep good driveability. I have a H/C/I 331 car and it drives like stock. It idles rough, and it's loud, but it drives perfectly fine around town.

In order to do that though, you'll really need to tune the car. And I mean the correct way..with a tuner, like a TwEECer or a Quaterhorse.

That said, even as is your times are off from where they should be. With a stock cam, stock E7 heads, 1.7rr's, Trickflow intake, 70mm TB/Spacer, exhaust and 3.73's my 200k mile GT was trapping 103mph and running 14.00's on street tires with a 2.4 60'. If I'd bothered risking a clutch slip (which I couldn't do at the time out of fear of burning it up) I'd have been in the 13's easily..and my car didn't have anywhere near your modification level.

A good H/C/I car should be in the 12's. Even with an Auto, I'd still think low 13's would be attainable without much trouble.

Can you post more details about your setup here? What brand h/c/i are you running? What MAF? Intake setup? Timing? Fuel pressure (if you've adjusted it..which you hopefully haven't)?
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