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Originally Posted by scabby9
Kathy i am new to this group, i was wondering if you could decode my buck tag. There are some similar the the guy's 82 above but it seems i have more stamps. I have just uploaded pics of the tags, they are just waiting approval. The only ones i can't figure out are RA and the overstamped S. Not sure if you found out what ST and Electric mean since this last post. RA mean Road Abrasion?

Also my tags were visible and very accessable. They were attached to the top rad support, just right of the hood latch.

1st tag says "road abrasion" 3 times which i am assuming is an undercoating for the rough newfoundland weather LOL

2nd tag is as follows..
Mustang - Mustang
216618 - 116618th mustang
61B - Hatchback
F - 5.0L V8
MO - sunroof
0640 - Paint Shop Rotation
1G - Silver Exterior paint
ST -
LL - liftgate louvers
08 - type of rear hatch (w/liftgate louvers)
RA -
HB - Heated Back Glass
GT - GT Trim
MOD - SROD 4-speed
05 - type of hood (w/hood scoop)
Electric-A -
S - (S is overstamped into the electric stamp over the C & T, also in bigger font) -

If anyone can help that would be great.
On my buck tag for my 83 gt vert i had the same electric with a large S stamped the same way yors was... kinda wierd
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