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Smile You Finally made the Color Choice

You are going to buy that New Mustang. Off you go to the Ford Dealer. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. Eventually you convince yourself you are getting a good deal and sign on the dotted line. The sales person fills out all the proper forms and sends them off to Fords head office. Now you wait. In time, Ford gets your Mustang papers, along with hundreds of other orders.Each mustang order is processed in the order received and given a sequential vin number and all pertinent information about your car is put on punch cards. Now you wait some more. Eventually your car is chosen to be built. The vin number and punch cards have been sent to the Daily Production Office. These people set the order of the cars to be produced on this particular day. Remember the line has to keep moving at all times. This is a very tough and involved job. I will elaborate on this later. IT'S YOUR CARS TURN TO BE BUILT. The middle section is put on the line and reinforced, followed by the rear section also reinforced. The front section , with appropriate parts heads up the line to join the middle and back sections.When these three parts are joined by welding into one solid structure it then becomes THE BUCK. Ford says A NEW MUSTANG IS BORN.. The buck tag is printed in metal and screwed or stapled to the right hand rad support. More about this later. YOU HAVE A CAR. RED
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