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Hi Chris,

I know. MA really got pounded. I have an internet friend who lives in MA, about a 1-2 hour drive west of Boston. He also got about 30 inches of snow. He even posted a photo of himself using his snow blower.

Monday's storm gave us much worse than snow. It started as snow. We had a few inches on the ground. Then, it changed to sleet. Then, it changed to rain for a few hours. Then, it changed back to snow again. Then, we got hit with a deep freeze. The result of all of this is that everything in the metro New York City area (roads, sidewalks, steps, cars, etc.) is now covered with a half inch thick layer of ice. You could literally go ice skating on my sidewalk right now. That's how bad it is. Yesterday, some of my neighbors were outside chopping the ice with all sorts of different tools. One of my cousins can't get her car door open. It is frozen shut. Her entire car is covered in ice.

You guys in MA got lucky. It was all snow there.
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