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Default Mike Walker Fart

Hi folks,

Mike Walker is a famous magazine writer. Several years ago, he farted on the "Howard Stern Show". It was a tremendous, monstrous fart. It was one of the best farts ever.

The best (and funniest) part of all of this is that Mike thought his mic was off. He didn't realize that it was on. It was all so natural and unplanned. He didn't know that they had recorded his fart until he called the show a few days later. By that time, they had made numerous song parodies with it.

Howard and Artie are hysterical laughing throughout this entire segment. Of course, Mike repeatedly tries to deny that it was him.

I actually heard this live several years ago. Fortunately, someone put it on the internet.

Give it a listen. I'm sure that you will laugh along with Howard and Artie. Make sure your computer volume is turned up.

Here are the 2 links:
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