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Hi John,

I agree. I think that's part of the reason why Jay Thomas discussed it at length. On the one hand, it made for good show material, and everyone got a few laughs. But on the other hand, I think he and everyone else on his show want this guy to get caught and receive a proper punishment. In fact, they discussed what should be done to this guy (or woman?) if/when he/she is caught. By Jay discussing it, it raised awareness about it on a national level. From his language and tone of voice, I could tell that Jay was disgusted and annoyed.

To my knowledge, Howard Stern hasn't discussed it - yet. I listen to his show every day. But if/when he does, I know exactly what he will say: "What the hell happened to this guy in his childhood that would cause him to do something like this?" He always says that about people who are "damaged" (psychologically) or about people who do stupid/crazy things that he can't wrap his head around.
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