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Originally posted by DaveR_GT:
I can't imagine you'll be happy goin from a 5.0 to a 2.3. It's just not going to be the same. I think you'll miss the low end grunt your 5.0 has.
Exactly why the SVO never sold well 15-17 years ago and the fact that one could buy a brand new GT for $6,000 less. The SVO was a better handling vehicle back when there was NO aftermarket for the Fox chassis Mustang. Today that's a totally different story. Anything the SVO has(i.e. Koni dampners, 4-wheel disc brakes with larger capacity calipers, shorter rear gearsets) can easily be added to any GT but the same can't be said for adding torque to the SVO that the GT already has(rated 275 ft-lbs @ 3000 RPM in '93).

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