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Originally Posted by Blown88GT
Ford distributors are not available from Ford anymore. I tried to get one a couple years ago. My original one & a junkyard one are in storage. Despite what others say, the MSD Pro Billet is well made & it's pretty, too. No need to cover it up with the rubber boot.

I messed the original up trying to get the gear off to replace the PIP. Despite what others may say, it won't come off without a press. There's probably nothing wrong with the PIP either. Lots of bad advice from the "Expert" on StangNet.

I got the cats replaced under warranty & sold them not long after. Replaced with hi-flow cats. A couple years later, inspections were eliminated by FL Gov. Jeb Bush.

I never found the build sheet on mine. I purchased it 1-13-1988. Must have been built in late 1987. There is an obscure way to tell. The orange stripe around the side was a decal, except for the doors where it was molded into the protectors. When I tried to remove them, it wouldn't come off the doors. They must have been Metric because it's now under the black side stripe. '87's were like this & some of the '88's.

Ford always did odd things in "transition year" vehicles. I once had a 1970 1/2 Ford Falcon. It was always fun going to the parts store for anything & they asked the year. When I told them, they said "no way", then I'd pull out the owner's manual, on the cover it said 1970 1/2. Then they came out to look at it. Also it looked like a Torino but had Falcon namplates all over it. It was a 6-cyl that came directly from Detroit to a Detroit dealer.
look under the rear seat,also under the carpet rear floor board and some times in the side panels of the rear seat.
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