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Originally Posted by Jerry: BLACK 85 GT h/b
Auggie, IMHO, you crossed a line.
I won't denigrate your belief system (or lack of one if that's the case). Please give some of us the same courtesy.
Hi Jerry,

I see your point. I am always respectful of other people's "belief systems", up to the point where they become too radical. And I always extend that courtesy to other people when they extend that courtesy to me.

I am also aware that you have been through a lot medically lately, just as I've been for 25 years now. And people react to those situations in different ways. In my particular case, my chronic, 25-year-long illness pushed me even further away from whatever remnants of a "belief system" I had.

Technically, this thread is about science, not "belief systems." (Notice that neither one of us is using the "R-word", because this thread is not about that.)

There are ways of teaching "belief systems" without resorting to this type of nonsense. There is no need to brainwash children into thinking that humans and dinosaurs lived together. These people are attacking science. Being a "man of science" (with college degrees in physics and engineering), I reacted to that by disseminating this link. I take it personally when people attack science, much like Carl Sagan.

When they get older, these children are going to have difficulty assimilating and integrating into society. And that's not even getting into the problems that they create when some of them go on to college. On several different occasions, I've read articles where they harass college professors (primarily science professors) and disrupt classes because of the brainwashing they received as children. They drive these college professors to the point that they don't know what to do with these brainwashed students.

My message to you and everyone else on this planet is this: Feel free to believe in whatever "belief system" you want to believe in (or none at all, which is what I choose to do). But please don't attack science.
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