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Default Marti Reports now available for 1980-1986 Ford Mustang

A company known as Marti Auto Works is on the scene to let it be known they now offer expanded Marti Reports for owners of 1980 – 1986 Ford vehicles…which of course, includes the omnipresent Fox-body Ford. These new reports offer up loads of details on every Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicle produced during the said time frame, giving owners a true sense of historical detail about their car. Bummed about not seeing model years post-1986? Not to worry; later this year Marti will be releasing detailed reporting for vehicles up to 1993, covering all Fox-body Mustangs.
These Marti reports are complete living documents, containing a plethora of intel, including door data information, optional equipment, important order and build dates, what dealer originally delivered the vehicle and on the exact date the vehicle was sold.
Keep your eye out for these reports–they are very informational & useful!

Marti Auto Works Announces Expanded Marti Reports For 1980-1986 Ford Vehicles
El Mirage, Arizona- Marti Auto Works is proud to announce the new expanded Marti Reports are now available to owners of 1980 through 1986 Ford vehicles. “We are pleased to offer our new, expanded Marti Reports for owners who desire to know about their Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles in detail,” stated Kevin Marti, Marti Auto Works President. “Later this summer we plan to offer even more expanded reports for Ford vehicle owners up to 1993 and by the end of the year for newer models.” Marti concluded.
Previously, Marti Auto Works, the Ford licensee to the entire Ford Motor Company’s entire database was able to provide owners for the 1967-1979 model years with comprehensive information including; complete door data plate information, optional equipment, important order and build dates, what dealer originally delivered the vehicle and on what day it was sold.
The new, expanded Marti Reports now provide owners of the 1980-1986 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles with the same comprehensive information when they send their vehicle VIN number to Marti Auto Works. “We have found through the years that the Marti Reports document and authenticate a person’s vehicle as well as providing interesting information about their prized position,” Kevin Marti stated.
Marti Auto Works has provided the finest quality restoration that meet or exceed original design specifications at auto supply prices including belts and hoses, stripe kits, spark plug wires and battery cables, in addition to the Marti Reports for over 25 years.
Contact: Marti Auto Works 623-935-2558
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