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True, just the other week, there was an 89 GT convertalbe in the classifieds here for 7200 O.B.O. Somethign to the tune of 80000 miles I believe. It was all stock with the exception of 3.73 gears, and the K&N filtercharger. Stick shift of course. If I didn't still owe money on my car, I would have bought it in a heartbeat. Look around, go to and see what they have. They have a wonderful program called "cool notify" that will tell you every time the car of your selection goes on sale anywhere in the US...not sure about Canada though, might be included. It took me a year tofind my car, and fortunately for me it happened to be right around the corner for me which worked out because I just 17 and working full time along with school, but if you take your time and look for what you want, when you do find it, you will know, almost like when you know you've met the girl you want to marry.
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