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I own a 1987 IROC-Z 350 TPI. And I also own a 89' mustang lx 5.0 5 speed. I love both cars personally. They're both really fast and fun to drive. My camaro I don't drive much since it only has 49,000 original miles and is in pretty mint condition. The mustang has 89,000 miles and is in good shape still. I picked it up cheap because it needed a new driver door other than that it was beautiful. I replaced the driver door with another one of the same color and no one can tell the difference. I do have to say my camaro is faster than my stang I've run them against eachother before and my camaro did beat it out. The camaro has edelbrock TES headers,edelbrock catback,k&n filters,low temp thermostat,and random technologies cat. The mustang has a flowmaster exhaust system with flowtech H-pipes and a K&n filter. Personally i'd have to say that either car is a good choice just if you're going to buy a camaro get a 350 or else you'll never have a chance against a stang. And if you get a stang get a 5 speed there's nothing like rowing through the gears in a mustang.Either way I feel the best thing to do is buy american there is the big "camaro vs. mustang" war out there when it should be the american muscle vs. the imports who think they have something on the american muscle. When all they have are their 5 inch turbo "soup can" mufflers and engines that create about as much horsepower as a sit down lawnmower.I dunno...but that's just my personal opinion on it all.

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