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Smile The Importance of Your Mustang's Buck Tag

The Buck Tag, is by far, the most important thing attached to your car.It tells the welders what kind of car to build , such as a GT hatchback, with or without optional roof or a
convertible and so on. The tag is metal so it can withstand the hours of welding it takes to join together 2000 pounds of steel to build the chassis of the car. Then the tag is subjected to cleaning so the rust inhibiting coating can be applied and then dried in the ovens . This is
followed by the paint. The tag tells the painter which color to apply and then the paint is dried in the ovens. Of course the vin number is on the tag along with the build date. THE MOST IMPORTANT NUMBER IS THE LEAST UNDERSTOOD NUMBER. THE BUCK TAG NUMBER is not a rotation number . It is actually a sequential number that is created at the instant the buck tag is created. This number starts at 0001 and goes on to 9999 and flips back to 0000 and then to 0001 again and so on. EVERY NUMBER IS IN ORDER AND DIFFERENT. The car at the front of the line will always have a lower number than the car behind. This system allows the people building the daily line to take any car they want to build, regardless of vin number, buck it and place it in line as the next sequential car in line. Gt's are mostly done this way because Ford got more money for them and Ford needed a cash flow. With this system it should be possible to figure out what number your car is compared to the first car . Also you could figure out what was the color of the car painted before your car . You could figure the first and last day of production, like in 1982,
I can not find any numbers. I would guess that there are many Mustangers out there who would like to know stuff. Who has the first and last 1988 GT t- roof HATCHBACK. If you have any questions put them on this thread .
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