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Hi folks,

This is a true story, even though some of you may not believe it. I was listening to "The Jay Thomas Show" today on Howard Stern's second Sirius channel (channel 101). Jay and Shuli (his co-host) were talking about an ongoing problem at a playground in Ypsilanti, MI. For the past 6 months, someone has been pooping on a children's slide - repeatedly over and over and over again. The town installed security cameras, but they can't seem to find the suspect. A business owner in Ann Arbor, MI had signs printed that read: "It's your civic doody to catch the Ypsi pooper". (Note that he spelled it "doody" instead of "duty".) He hung up these signs throughout the Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area. Apparently, it made national news. Jay Thomas picked up the story and discussed it today for about 30 minutes. They cracked numerous jokes about it. And, of course, many callers called in with even more jokes. A few callers even claimed to be the "Ypsi pooper" himself.

When I heard it, I was hysterical laughing. My mother was cracking up too. Of course, it really hit home for me because I used to live in Ann Arbor, MI when I was a graduate student at the University of Michigan in 1989-1990. I am familiar with the whole Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area. I used to go shopping in Ypsilanti, and I used the Ypsilanti post office too.
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