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Default Western Takeover

Well the upper Northwest has a takeover going on so I'm gonna start one out here in the West. Who's with me. LOL
1990 GT hatchback 79,000 miles. Twilight Metallic blue-lower titanium.
Pro-50 Shifter, Strut tower brace, BBK Shorty headers-2 1/2 inch exhaust-high flow cats-40 series Flows, 73mm C&L Maf, aluminum drive-shaft, 6g alternator. (Parts sitting in garage, F-cam, Typhoon intake, 65mm FMS TB, lowering springs, 3.73's )
Best 1/4 mile (stock) 15.3@???mph, due to bad driver.
2000 SVT Contour #1545 of 2150
1993 F150 215,000 miles and kicking.

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