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Default Fight over fart

Hi folks,

On Saturday, there was a story in the Staten Island Advance (my local newspaper) about 2 high school students getting into a fight over a fart. My mother was reading the newspaper. She called me over and said to me, "This is you". And she showed me the story. The 2 of us were cracking up.

She was right. I did that in high school probably thousands of times. I used to "bomb out" the classroom several times a day, every day. I went to an all-male Catholic high school. When I used to fart in class, the priests and brothers used to get so aggravated with me. The smell was so bad that they couldn't see straight. One Roman Catholic brother (who couldn't take it anymore) used to make me sit in the corner every day because of my excessive farting in class. I had him for homeroom and math in my sophomore year of high school.

Today, completely by coincidence, I entered the word "fart" in a Google search, which I often do. And that story appeared as one of the top entries. But it apparently made national news because it is a Huffington Post story.

How appropriate is it that it is a Staten Island high school? If only we had the internet back when I was in high school. I could have made national news.

Here is the link:
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