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Originally Posted by Raven68
I'm going to go check the MAF is the proper one as I was only going on what the seller said. Skunk - F2VF-12B579-A2A ? Is that a part number that I would find on the unit then?

The car is a manual with 3.73 gears when we got the 14.013 and still is !

Before this weekend we did a KOEO check as we had the engine fault light coming on and found a broken wire. Fixed that and rough idling engine was fixed. No further codes were present so I'm thinking it likes the MAF? Am wondering - might there be any fault codes now after running 'weak' at the track (No engine check light though). We'll check for fault codes anyway.

mmb617 - like you say we're just down on horsepower by some margin and thats it really. My lad says you can feel it being choked off at the higher rev end...

Need to read up on what makes EFI work better as well....

Thanks guys for your help
yes that is the # you are looking for at it looks to be okay. the ecu needs a learning curve but I'm sure it has by now. remember these cars and most OBDI cars don't always set of the light to have a code. sometimes if the air tube between the filter and maf is too short the air is to rough for the maf and ticks it off.

I have tons of files saved + books with info on efi and give you some book titles if you want. If you want to pick your brain and learn about the basics of the mustang computer and EFI and grab a cup of coffee or maybe in your case tea and read this info from a friend of mine Tom Moss ( one of my many saved files) maybe it will help you get a basic understanding on others who stumble on this thread...

oops hold on it's say's my thread is too long...
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