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1st thing would be to check for codes doing a koeo test. If he got the the proper 94-95 maf they are calibrated to 19's, the ecu's adaptive strategies make up for the slight difference in transfer function between the two units.there could be something wrong with it or it could be related to the intake piping causing a problem with maf readings I would need to see a pic. If he did get the correct year maf it isn't a problem this mod is done many times over and his TB isn't very big at all. i have basically the same set up 95 MAF, 65mm TB, ported upper intake & lower and ported/polished E7's + valve job, 1.6rr's and stock cam, 3:73's, etc. with 19lbs injectors since 24's aren't needed with this combo. This combo has been running for close to 3yrs now. I would do the code test 1st and start working from there. In closing if you compare the Transfer of the MAF from the 94-95 Mustang (which is a 70mm housing/F2VF sensor) to a Fox Mustang Transfer (55mm/F1ZF), you will notice that they are nearly identical and can adapt.

The list of MAF meters below are all 70mm/F2VF units.
They will all directly swap

1995-94 Mustang 3.8L F2VF-12B579-A2A,
1994-92 Crown Victoria 4.6L F2VF-12B579-A2A,
1995-94 Mustang, Mustang Cobra 5.0L F2VF-12B579-A2A,
1994-92 Town Car 4.6L F2VF-12B579-A2A,
1994-92 Grand Marquis 4.6L F2VF-12B579-A2A,

here is a pre resto pic of my motor showing the 95 maf with flange adapter, intake set-up ( 65mm and Tom Moss ported intakes/heads)

1991 GT white/ Titanium. 5.0. mild H,C,I, built Astro T5, built 8.8 w 3.73s, FRPP 31spline termi diff, 31 splines axles, plenty of MMS stuff both suspension and braces, Bullitt springs& agx adjustables, Ford racing wheels, Dunlop star spec tires & plenty more stuff.

Her resto thread:

2011 Lincoln MKX elite

2008 Ford explorer EB

2000Ford contour. modded, dyno tunded

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