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I don't know much abut EFI being an old school carb guy myself, but something is obviously very wrong with the changes you've made to the motor. You are making a lot less power than you were before the changes.

Bottom line is this. For the purpose of this discussion disregard suspension and 60' times. Let's just look at mph since that is a generally accepted barometer of how much raw power you have regardless of whether you are able to put it to the ground or not.

You went from 99 mph down to 81 and that's huge! With the car being lighter and the weather conditions being similar you should have gone faster (mph) even if you didn't hook. Yes, something is very wrong!

Since the splits show the car running slower in every section, it seems you're down in power across the board, which pretty much has to be a computer related problem I'd think. I'm no expert on EFI but all signs point to a problem with the maf/computer interface to me. I don't know which maf works with which computer but it sounds like you have an incompatible match.

The 100 octane gas isn't doing you any good, but I doubt it it's doing much harm, surely not to the extent of your problem. Too much octane can be detrimental, but you've got something a lot bigger going wrong.

I'd be afraid to run the car hard till you figure out what's wrong. If it is running way lean you could be doing some serious damage to the engine.

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