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Default A total idiots guide to buffing

Hello everyone!

I have a question about cutting, buffing, and paint swirl.

So my new 90 GT has crappy paint. Some areas are totally flat but a good portion of the car is just heavily oxidized. So I figured I would try my hand at buffing it out. As a previously ASE and Ford certified automotive technician I figured I could hack it.

Last weekend in my infinite wisdom I watched a bunch of videos on youtube and figured I took to the garage.

I prepped the car by washing it. I used a claybar and detail spray, and then I buffed with Meguiars Ultimate Compound and a buffing pad attachment for my cordless drill.

The results, as you can imagine, are about as bad as this plan...

The car has a lot more shine to it, but it is definitely now swirl scratched.

So my questions are:

1. How (if at all) can I fix this monumental mess I have made.

2. What products can do you guys use? I used a buffing attachment on my cordless drill but something tells me I should either A - invest in a real buffer or B - stick to microfiber pads and elbow grease.

Thanks in advance for any help on the matter. Clearly I have much to learn in this department so educate me.
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