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Bobs88CobraGT 09-28-2018 08:34 PM

Your Mustangs Real Production Number
I have decided to put this thread in The Front Porch because it seems to get the most viewers all of the time and I want a lot of people to read this. As you probably know this Registry covers all GT mustangs from 1982 to 1993. These GT cars represent about one third of all Mustangs built. What about the other two thirds of all the mustangs built between 1982 and 1993. I HAVE A QUESTION TO ASK ALL OF YOU MUSTANG OWNERS, and here it is. Lets say I found a way to figure out the actual production number of your mustang starting at the first car built in your particular year and following along to the end of production in that year. We all have a vin number for our mustangs but that number designates the order in which the cars were received by Ford to be built. So I am asking all of you Mustang owners of ALL MUSTANGS BUILT BETWEEN 1982 and 1993 would you be interested in knowing the actual real production number of your mustang? If anyone is interested I will post information telling you what numbers you will need to supply. If you have questions post them here.

Bobs88CobraGT 11-22-2018 05:15 PM

What you will need.
I have a 1988 Mustang GT . It was bucked on Oct. 5, 1987 , but not built until Oct. 8, 1987. Ford was waiting for the Rear Axel to be built. YOU WILL NEED YOUR BUCK TAG. In 1988 Mustangs the buck tag has 4 numbers in the top left corner My numbers are 3423.You will need your vin number off the tag. The vin number is on the middle of the bottom line of the buck tag. My vin number is 138604. Remember to loose the first hundred thousand when using this number.The last number you will need is found on the 4th line from the top of the tag. My number is 1008 and this stands for October 8,1987. This is your actual build date. Ford puts this tag on when your car heads down the line to get painted and not before. So your buck tag has 4 numbers and this represents your car number in a sequence of 10,000 cars. So my car is the 3423 car in this sequence. From your actual build date you can figure out how many days have passed, since production started, My car appears to fall in the 4th sequence which is somewhere between 30,000 and 40,000. So, I believe my car is number 33423 off the line from the beginning of production. WITH YOUR HELP I HOPE TO BE ABLE TO PROVE THIS . Hopefully, someone will have car built near mine so we can compare numbers. Lets try and figure out your build number.

82gtstang 12-04-2018 03:09 PM

ROT number on buck tag (top left corner 1988+) is rotations # for body and paint line. The buck tag is primarily for holes that need to be stamped in various body panels for the bucked body but it is also for paint and conv top color. ROT number is stamped on the tag along with all other codes before the car is bucked. The tag is what the B/P lines uses to know what holes to stamp where, and what color(s) to paint. ROT # starts @ 0000 and increments by 1 through 9999, resets back to 0000, etc. It is the order for assembly on the B/P line only.

Date on buck tag is the buck date, except for 1988 and early 1989. It is not the actual build date **unless* buck date and actual build date happen to be the same. Very often they are not. Only a Marti rpt will give you all those dates.

Year...Buck Marti Marti Marti
1988...Tag..Buck..Sched Built
157044 1027 10/22 11/02 10/26
202253 0224 02/19 02/22 02/22
220245 0223 02/18 02/29 03/01
220692 0309 03/04 03/07 03/08
221448 0323 03/18 03/21 03/23

188111 0206 02/06 02/06 02/14

158120 0319 03/16 03/19 03/21
183695 0508 05/08 05/07 05/07
191649 0523 05/23 05/21 05/24
209092 0625 06/25 06/25 06/26

143556 0222 02/22 02/11 02/20

111589 1024 10/24 10/28 10/28
131916 0225 02/25 03/09 03/11
151758 0518 05/18 05/11 05/22
176491 0619 06/19 06/22 06/23

109123 1020 10/20 10/10 11/11
109124 1020 10/20 10/11 11/12
177546 0514 05/14 05/10 05/13
210440 0719 07/19 06/28 07/19

The broadcast sheet has it's own ROT number for the trim and chassis line and it is not related to the buck tag ROT number. Assembly and finish order changes completely from the B/P line to the T/C line. The actual build date is the day the unit begins assembly on the T/C line and it generally is finished the same day but not always.

Read more here for very detailed explanation of the dates on our Marti rpt: http://www.martiauto.com/faqfocus.cfm?qid=104

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