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Ironhorsey 01-14-2014 11:16 PM

Converting to manual windows possible?
I hope this isn't consider blasphemy, but I would like to convert the power windows in my '89 convertible to manual.
Did the factory offer manual mechanisms? In the convertibles too?


Augie88GT 01-15-2014 04:11 AM

Of course it is possible. Anything is possible.

You probably have to change some of the guts inside the door. Also. the understanding I have is that, in many cars, the glass is longer with manual windows. They cut the glass to accommodate power windows. So, you are probably going to need new (longer) glass. I don't know if this is also true for Mustangs.

But why would you want to do this? Most people go the other way. I wish my first Mustang had power windows. My second one does, and I love it.

fb93 01-24-2014 11:54 PM

I dont believe ive ever seen a vert with manual windows. Not that i can recall.

The power window and manual window armrests are a different length. Manuals are shorter so the crank can rotate freely. You can cut a hole in the power door panels for the crank, but there will be holes visible in the panel, so you would need manual panels. And you cant use your existing power panels/armrests with a crank because the crank will hit the armrest. You need a manual panel and the armrest to use the cranks. You will have to find a manual armrest base on top of that. I have not had much luck in finding those things, but the pads are everywhere. Go figure. As for the windows being different, they are. Those with door mounted side mirrors used a different glass than the window mounted mirrors. I cant remember if its at the front by the mirrors, or at the top of the door that theyre different.

The doors themselves for a vert are different than a hatch/notch, they are cut differently. I think even the t-top doors are different. You could modify them im sure, but i couldnt tell you how. So that makes three different doors. Going to manual windows would also mean losing the power locks as well since on a vert that is all on the same switch.

You would be better off finding a manual door and just use that. It will have everything already in place. Otherwise you will have to figure out where to drill the doors for everything, you will need the regulator assembly of course as thats different than the power, the crank, and a couple rivets. So, yea, if youre dead set on going to manuals, find a complete door. The downside to that is if you have to midoify anything, AND you lose the door tag.

And one more thing. If you have a grey interior, pick the new door panels carefully as i have a couple variances in the greys. Some are lighter than they should be, some darker, some in between. Chances are you will have to redye part of your interior so it all matches.

So the question is, do you REALLY want to go manual? IMO, thats a lot of work. But yes, its possible.

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