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Baywolf 03-19-2001 11:42 PM

has anyone ever noticed that you take an old mustang well lets take mine for example 89 gt still pretty well stock never had the engine apart any deeper than the water pump and distributor it has 138000 miles on it and i hate to admitt it but it just aint as fast as it used to be but it will still eat up brand new camaros all day long and the neighbor just spent like 3 grand last summer on go fast stuff for his fire bird and the only way he can out run the mustang is hitting the nitrous button i just think its a riot

Chris-90LX 03-20-2001 12:01 AM

Excellent observation Baywolf! These Fox cars from like 1987 to their end in '93 were quick right off the showroom floor.

The newer GM's are quicker I have to admit. The ones with the 300hp 350 motors can cut a mid 13 second time at the track in stock form. Thet still need a good driver though!

With some mods we can catch them. Our point is that for a long time in the 80's, and early 90's the Camaros, and Firebird were a lot more $, and weren't as quick. They also sold a whole pile more Fords!

Baywolf 03-20-2001 12:06 AM

yeah i have outran cars i know were faster than mine because i bought mine to enjoy and i always figured if i break it ill fix it but other than transmissions it just wont break and trust me that stock 5 liter has seen moments of 7000 rpm though in retrospec i wonder what was i thinking

fastrnyou 03-20-2001 02:15 AM

well, i have had 2 87 5.0's... the first on, i only replace a window motor and rodded it EVERYWHERE i went.

The second, i replaced *list follows *
tranny, 2 clutches, block, crank, WP, appx 6 thermostats, brakes 3 times including rotors twice, motormounts, clutch cable, clutch cable again, a belt, distributor, wires many times cuz of headers, fixed exhaust 3-5 times cuz of it was lowered, and a lot of other stuff.

I will tell you why, cuz i drive it like **** , and had to pay for it but it was fun

OH, and im new here and i think i like it so far.

1995 3000GT VR4, 1987 stang GT, 1995 ZX6R.

Baywolf 03-20-2001 02:24 AM

sounds familiar ive had a few mustangs the current one i have replaced 2 thermostats brakes 3 5 speeds but one was from a turbo coupe t bird lots of tires distributor radiator waterpump should do heater core but i dont drive in the winter so i just by passed it u joints 3 sets of speakers valve cover gaskets and now im due for a starter and fly wheel and at 138000 miles im still on the clutch it left the factory with

josh miget 03-20-2001 04:52 AM

how did u get ur 5.0 to 7000? lol 6250 rev limiter? just wonderin. josh

Baywolf 03-20-2001 02:32 PM

i have heard stories of a rev limiter but i have never hit it my brother seems to think it may only work in higher gears but i tend to think maybe the previous owner did some tinkering because when i bought it it was mint but the trim that gooes over the computer was off and in the hatch

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