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speedy_stang 05-09-2001 04:59 PM

Anyone know where I can buy those stickers with the kid peeing on a Honda emblem?

'88 GT, T-5, Flowmaster exhaust, MAC Cold Air/ K&N, More to come when I get some money.

BADPONY 05-09-2001 05:14 PM

I think those are all custom cut at local sticker/ graphics shops. All the ones around here are, anyway. I've never heard a company that makes them. I think You can get calvin peeing on anything You want.
Here in SC, a few years ago, there were some legality problems with those stickers. Seems some people thought they were offensive...cops started pulling people over for having them.
The funny thing about it though, was... I was talking to the guys at my local sticker place and they said the legality, as far as on thier end, was that they can sell You a sticker of JUST calvin............and a sticker of JUST 'peeing on (whatever)....and what You do with those two stickers is not thier responsibility. (wink, wink)
I thought that was kindof' funny...

bigbob 05-09-2001 11:48 PM

www.stickercity.com u can customize your own sticker and those stickers u want were on sale for a dollar.

speedy_stang 05-10-2001 12:26 AM

I try to diss on imports whenever I can!

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