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Red85GT 03-25-2001 10:06 AM

Me and a friend of mine was in Mooresville, N.C. where Jack Roush builds the Roush Mustangs, low and behold when we pulled into the parking lot there were big metal bins like dumpsters full of takeoff parts from 2001 GT Mustangs just thrown in them like they were going to trash them.. In the bins there were front and rear springs, front struts, rear shocks, front and rear sway bars, and the stainless steel exhaust, and the factory mufflers, and the cat back exhaust tips... Man just to think what some people will junk...

Topless88 03-25-2001 10:36 AM

Sounds enticing but be careful. I work for a mojor auto manufacturer central office and you can't belive how many brand new vehicles and parts we scrap. Its scrap for a reason most of the time and poses potential risk if installed. Its not worth comprimising your safety over. See if you can talk to one of the techs at the complex and they may even donate used parts to your cause because it does not fit their specific requirements.I hate to say it but it would feel like Christmas time if I came across that Box.

Red85GT 03-25-2001 10:58 AM

i didn't want anything from the boxes because i didn't think any of the stuff would fit from a 01 GT to a 85 GT.. I was just amazed that they just took all this stuff off and threw it away.. But it was a lil like being a kid at christmas seeing all that stuff

Baywolf 03-25-2001 05:04 PM

go get yourself a big pickup truck load of these parts and sell them on ebay someone will give you more than they cost new there lol

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