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Gray86T-tops 03-23-2001 03:35 AM

Just thought that I'd post and see if the pic of my car came up in my sig. I'll be getting some new pics up soon with the chrome ponies and the newer quarter windows. Talk to you all later.

86 Gt-T-Tops, 88 Motor/tranny, BBK equal length headers, BBK adjustable clutch quadrant, off-road H-pipe, 3.73's, Chrome Ponies, Goodyear Eagle GS-C 245-50/ZR16's, 92 Quarter Windows, Many more mods to come...

Wes93GT 03-23-2001 06:52 PM

Hey Gray, want me to make a thumbnail sized image of your car for your sig? (like mine) It speeds up loading time and saves bandwidth for the registry. If you're interested just email me!


1993 Mustang GT Cobra Hatchback
Canadians can bring it...

Topless88 03-23-2001 07:35 PM

I never get tired of looking at other people's rides. Nice Pony ya got there 86T-Tops.

Gray86T-tops 03-25-2001 05:47 PM

Topless88: Thanks, wait till you see the new pics! Wes: I'd appreciate it a lot actually, just wait till I get some of the new pics on and u can thumbnail size on of those

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